Greggo’s Top 20 Burgers in the Metroplex

Greggo, or Greg ‘The Hammer’ Williams, formerly of Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket and now current local ESPN radio personality recently did a burger rating that you can find here.

Quick thoughts:

  • I totally agree with his assessment that Kincaid’s is #1.
  • I totally agree that Snuffers is over-rated, but I do recall a story one of my readers told me about U2 eating there once.
  • Whataburger makes the list.
  • Fat Daddy’s makes the list.  He only noted the Garland Road location.  I’ve eaten at a Fat Daddy’s in Coppell, and that burger was very spare.
  • I bet he didn’t try Mooyah, that’s a darn fine burger.
  • I’m glad Chips made the list.
  • Funny he made this list after his thumb stomach surgery.
  • WifeGeeding prefers Fuddruckers.
  • My list would have somehow included Braums.
  • I’ve only eaten at six of these burgers.  How much longer until Lent is over? 😉
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One Response to Greggo’s Top 20 Burgers in the Metroplex

  1. Bryan says:

    Man, no love for Tarrant County outside of Kincaid's? That hurts. Not to slight Kincaid's at all, but there are several great burger places on the western side of the area: Dutch's, M&O Station, Tommy's, Love Shack, just to name a few.

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