Braveheart Bible Study

Braveheart tells the story of William Wallace, a common man roused to war. After the love of his life is killed, he commits his life to revenge. Since his people are oppressed by the sword, he takes the sword to his oppressors. He is not a nobleman, whom others must follow because of his title, but a man of bravery, whom men choose to follow in admiration. He is a man of single-minded purpose: to attain freedom at all costs, even the cost of his own life. He knows that death comes to all men but decides the mettle of a man is in the type of death he chooses.

This study guide will help you discuss some of the major themes of Braveheart. When is it right to wage war? What is the meaning of freedom, and how is it attained? What do people live and die for?


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