Boxed Water

Part sustainable water company, part art project, part philanthropic project, and completely curious. Boxed Water Is Better, is a boxed water company.

Started with the simple idea of creating a new bottled water brand that is kinder to the environment and gives back a bit – we found that it shouldn’t be bottled at all, but instead, boxed. So we looked to the past for inspiration in the century old beverage container and decided to keep things simple, sustainable, and beautiful.

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4 Responses to Boxed Water

  1. Buddy Patton says:

    I personally go through several bottles of water a day. I know the enviromental consequences and have thought this would be a solution. I remember the milk cartons we had as children in school and wondered why it wouldn't work with water. I would buy such a product even if it was a little more expensive. I look forward to such a product here.

  2. Rev. Hart says:

    Tap water, anyone? It's far better than even the most environmentally sensitively packaged and transported container.

  3. Buddy Patton says:

    Rev Hart- tap water is fine if you sit in an office all day. And is what I drink if I am at home. However while in the field (where I work ) access to "tap water" is limited.

  4. darren says:

    I guess it would be in bad taste to put missing swimmers on the side…


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