For the Street Preacher

The PURPOSE of the Official Street Preacher’s website is to edify, train and exhort the body of Christ in the biblical method of public preaching.

In my humble opinion the Church today has buried the talent of outdoor preaching and much to its own loss, has OVER emphasized the practice of keeping one’s faith personal and private…

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10 Responses to For the Street Preacher

  1. Shawn Wilson says:

    I wrestle with street preaching. I wonder does it really work? Not only that but there is no biblical standard for it that I am aware of. I know the Bible says to go to the highways and byways, but I think that the Church would be much more effective if we LIVED what we believed.
    Serving like Jesus. Loving like Jesus. Instead of dehumanizing people. Instead of using the government to legislate morality we as the Church should be the moral compass of the nation. Not the other way around.
    By the way is it just me or are all the street preachers form Hell’s Angels bikers? They at least look like it.

    Much love

  2. Brent says:

    I, too, share in your doubts about street preaching. I admit that I often cringe when crossing paths with a street preacher/evangelist (there used to be some who would hold court in downtown Fort Worth on Friday and Saturday nights when I was in seminary). I would imagine that they might cite the examples of the prophets and John the Baptist as Biblical mandates. The message is quite the same today as it was then: Repent or be destroyed. Of course, in their time, they spoke to a nation that was set apart and intended to be ruled by God, and we certainly do not have a theocracy in any sense of the word. It is a different context now.

    However, seeing the clip in today’s bag of randomness (2/11) from Penn, I sense a new appreciation for those who are willing to “proselytize” in such a way. It’s a valid point: if we truly love people, don’t we want to warn them at all costs to avoid “the truck coming right at them” (e.g. judgment)?

    Maybe there’s a middle ground somewhere. Hold up your sign for attention, but also have a Bible to give away when someone approaches you. Proclaim your message, but also be willing to engage in genuine conversation without yelling or judging when someone asks questions. And, above all of course, be sure to live and love like Jesus at all times.


  3. RUBEN ISRAEL says:

    No biblical example? Maybe if you ever actually read the Bible you would know that OPEN AIR PREACHING was practiced by…oh let’s see…Jesus, John the Baptist, Paul, Peter, all the Prophets of the Old Testament…

    You prove the USA Today article found online at my second most favorite URL. You are biblically illiterate, Hellbound liberals and you deserve the full cup of Divine WRATH that is being poured upon you in small measure even now…You, in deed, deserve Hell…a wicked a depraved nation of self righteous hypocrites. You have much in common with the people of NINEVAH.

  4. George says:

    Nivevah eh? Then may a worm wither your tree.

  5. Shawn Wilson says:

    Well, Ruben thank you for the kind words. In my doubt about street preachers you my friend fit the bill. One who judges on sight. As far as Jesus, John the Baptist, etc. I see what your saying but if you look carefully at WHO they were talking to it was the religious people who judged others but never helped them. Kind of like most of the street preachers I have met in my life.
    By the way. I’m going to hell? How do you know? Just wondering? By the look of it you are just against people you think are liberals. My word to you:


    That’s what has saved me and what keeps me. Look it up.

  6. Shawn Wilson says:

    By the way Ruben……maybe next time give us a link to your blog so we can look at your site and see where you might me lacking in spiritual understanding.

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  8. Doug says:

    It’s Shawn Wilson’s fault. Ruben is a Hell’s Angel. 🙂

  9. Cowtown Doug says:

    Yikes! Tap the brakes there bro.

  10. Shawn Wilson says:

    LOL sorry guys didn’t mean to offend the former Hell’s Angels biker. Guess I better find a new place to live. If I don’t comment in the next week. CALL THE COPS!!!

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