Dr Ben Carson

WifeGeeding and I had nothing to do on Saturday night, so we started to flip channels and I discovered that Cuba Gooding Jr was in a TNT movie  about Dr Ben Carson.  The first time I heard of this man was in a psychology class in college where the prof played a tape of Dr Carson being interviewed by Pastor Dr Robert H. Schuller.

I remember being extremely touched by this interview and have been an admirer of Dr Carson ever since.  That interview mirrors the movie, where it talks about Dr Carson going from being the dumbest kid in class to first in the class, from growing up in Detroit to becoming a world-renowned neurosurgeon at Johns Hopskins.  Two parts stood out the most to me.  His mother couldn’t read, but made her two sons read two books a week and turn in a book report to her, and she placed check marks on the paper pretending to grade them.  The other thing that stood out was his anger issue.  One time he grew angry in school and tried to stab a kid, only to have the knife hit and break apart by the victim’s belt buckle.  He ran home and asked God to take away his anger problem.

I can’t find a video of that interview, but I was able to track down the transcript.  If you have ten minutes, please check it out, you may be doing your spirit a favor.

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  1. Dpcbb says:

    I had never heard of Dr. Carson, but found that movie last night while flipping channels about 20 minutes into it. I stopped down to watch it. Great movie, but makes feel feel inadequate. I wanted to get up and go read a book or seomthing besides watching TV.

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