Cow struck by lightning … and lives

HOLY cow! This hunk of beef is believed to have been struck by lightning – and somehow survived.

And we’re not cooking this up. It’s entirely feasible, James Cook University geo-sciences expert Jon Nott says.

“Cows are susceptible to lightning strikes because of both sets of legs being on the ground, and they’re eating grass from where electricity is conducted from the strike so it is possible it happened but, more often than not, cows die from it,” he told the Cairns Post.

“The electricity from a lightning strike would enter the front set of legs and exit out the back legs so, again, based on the picture, it is possible it happened.

“While I can’t explain the knee wounds, the ankle wounds would be consistent with those of a lightning strike.”

The lightning strike happened at a property near Gladstone, central Queensland, last month.

The Daily Telegraph

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