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  • I found an article in Christianity Today called Memo to Worship Bands.  It actually starts out a bit funny:

    Can you hear me? You can? I’m sorry if I am shouting, but I have just spent half an hour in a church service with a typical worship band, and my ears are ringing. I’m sure to be fine in a minute. Or hour. Or day—I hope.
    Why does everything every Christian musician performs nowadays seem to require high amplification?

    My thoughts vary regarding worship music.  I hear a lot of traditionalists tell me they prefer the old hymns because they have proven tried and true over the years.  I have to admit, there’s something beautiful about the old hymns and I certainly appreciate them, but at one point they had to be considered new music and they were created to be sung to the musical instruments of that period.  I see nothing wrong with the evolution of worship music as new songs are added with the addition of today’s musical resources, and I’m sure one day some of the new stuff we listen to now will be considered classics.  The church I attended the most growing up only used a piano and organ, and I can remember the first time I worshiped in my new church in Abilene that came complete with drums and an electric guitar.  It was a bit of shock and awe at first, but I felt energized and connected with the contemporary words.  But then I started to visit other churches, and sometimes it seemed as if their music wasn’t up  to par, and I felt bad comparing worship music because the emphasis should have been on worship, not entertainment.  There have been a few churches I have visited over the years and felt that it’s more production than worship, and as of late, I have a hard time with musical worship and spend my time reflecting, praying, or just reading instead of singing.  I rather try to connect with God than just go through the motions if that makes any sense.

  • I do find it interesting how people will choose a church based upon worship music.  I guess there’s nothing wrong with that, but I do find it interesting.
  • I do remember some of my closest times with God were at Abilene Christian University on Sunday nights.  Students gathered in a large chapel, someone would spontaneous start singing a-capella, everyone would join in, and this went on for about 40 minutes.  To me, it was a glimpse of what worship in heaven might be like.
  • I don’t want to sound like Mr Pious, so I will also add I enjoyed visiting the ACU campus to check out the girls.  They were much better looking than the girls at the university I attended right down the road.  Now that I think about it, I may have gone on more dates with ACU girls (unbeknown to my friends) than Hardin-Simmons girls, but I always had to get them back before curfew.  Yes, ACU had a curfew.
  • In a way, Christmas music is very comparable to church worship music.  Some people only prefer to listen to the classics because of the quality of the songs and artists and the connections and memories they bring.  At one time that music had to be new, they weren’t always classics.  And over time, some of the new songs are now considered classics.
  • The cafeteria at work had about eight Guitar Hero stations set up.
  • Teamwork
  • When I was at Costco the other day I noticed that you can buy 35 days worth of food from NutriSystem (35 breakfast, 35 lunch, 35 dinner, 70 desserts) for $285, per the package, that’s less than $2 a meal.  That’s almost tempting.
  • The Mulder in me says aliens.  Article
  • I now know of three people that actually wipe standing up.  This amazes and perplexes me.  I think these people need an intervention.
  • Jindal and the Valcano:
  • This guy makes a good point about history and the Internet.  PCMag
  • A little while back I made a post about a dog looking hypnotized while starring at some cupcakes.  Well, he now has his own website:
  • Two website dedicated to the price of stamps: and
  • American Idol is now having contestants sing current songs, that’s a plus, but I don’t think they were very good last night.
  • An actual worm crashed a computer.  Article
  • It was an interesting Lost, and I just think the guy that plays Ben is one heck of an actor.  I’ll see if I can post some random lost thoughts soon, but for now it’s time to prep for class and hit the sack.
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  1. Chris says:

    I thought the same thing once about the Nutrisystem plan. then i researched it further and ended up laughing. If you look closer at exactly what you get on Nutrisystem, MOST of the breakfasts and about HALF of the lunches are in “bar form”…. as in granola bars and such. Maybe good once in awhile, for someone on the go, but I simply cant see that as healthy for a complete diet….

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