Bag of Randomness

  • This is all I have time for, so this is probably the only post you get for the rest of the week.
  • Wow . . . I have had a lot of crazy comments on BoN over the years.  Some are funny, some are thoughtful, some are offensive and I keep, some are offensive and I delete, but yesterday someone left the craziest comment I have ever had on this little blog.  The comment was on the Street Preacher post I made yesterday.  I’ll let you guess which comment is the one in question.
  • This guy really loves bacon salt.  Link
  • Yesterday morning I was on the ground floor waiting for an elevator when a female I have never seen before walks up.  Being the gentleman that I am, I allow her to enter the elevator first and then proceeded behind her.  She pressed her floor button, and then said to me, “5th floor, right?”  I was a little shocked, how the heck did she know I was going to the 5th floor?  So I asked her, and she simply said, “You look like a 5th floor kind of guy.”  So I guess I’m easy to read.
  • A rare photo of the end of the rainbow is quite amazing if you ask me.  Pic Article
  • I’ve been simply amazed by Rev. Adam Hamilton of the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection as of late.  The last sermon of his that I listened to was title When in Conflict with Science or Married to Politics.  He does a beautiful job of explaining how believing in evolution, or science, for that matter doesn’t hinder our faith, but actually strengthens it.  He also discussed how it is perfectly acceptable to be a Christian and be a Democrat or a Republican.  He’s like a total breath of fresh air.
  • I’ve always wanted to watch Spinal Tap, but just have never gotten around to it.
  • My friend Warren told me about this great headline from Fark the other day, “Live Nation to acquire Ticketmaster for $2.5 billion, plus $700 million in convenience charges.”
  • “I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate.”
  • I saw Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman last night . . . weird, just weird.  Beyond weird, actually.
  • It appears the best way to blow your nose is one nostril at a time.  Article
  • The Bruce Springsteen Super Bowl Blog was interesting to read and had some very neat pictures. [Thanks, Warren!]
  • The only comment I have on Lost right now is that I was glad to see Smokey make another appearance and WifeGeeding totally didn’t get the Klingon reference.  Give me some time to digest it.
  • India to launch cow urine as a soft drink.  Article [Thanks, Darren!]
  • This zombie cupcake really freaks me out.  Flickr
  • Gallup has found the most and least religious countries.  Link
  • Cessna fights back on the private jet trend with a new ad campaign.  WSJ Press Release
  • If you are bored, and you can type, you can make movies.
  • Lovable cow.  Link
  • For those of you that know UNIX, Friday should be a neat day for you.  Link
  • Tom Cruise made a movie about Nazis, now it’s Brad Pitt’s turn with the help of Quentin Taratino, so you know it’s going to be violent.  I was checking out the cast in IMDB, and there’s some interesting casting.  Trailer
  • I may be part of the blog team at work, but I wasn’t lucky enough to get this assignment.
  • I posted a picture the other day of a firefighting giving a koala some drinking water, here’s the video.
  • Heart birds?  Flickr
  • 700 pound bear.  Link
  • The human washing machine never really caught on.  Link
  • This church is made from a lot of human bones.  Link
  • If you know anyone that speaks Latin and loves Zelda, this may be of interest to them.
  • A new phone that is waterproof, shockproof, weatherproof and can withstand temperatures ranging from 14 to 140 degree.  Link

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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Melissa says:

    the comment…just wow

    do you suppose the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is in the back of that vehicle?

    thanks for starting my day every morning.

  2. jonathan says:

    You need to ask around to get the word on the street regarding 5th floor guys….It might not be a good thing 😉

  3. chup says:

    Phoenix was on heroin I’m about 90% sure. Very sad- someone who cares needs to stops him from destroying himself.

  4. Jill says:

    I thought of you the other day driving down the road listening to Kathleen Madigan on Blue Collar Radio…..she was talking about religion and there’s a line she has basically saying that all religions can’t all be right….and when we get to heaven we’re going to say …..”s$#t… I was waaaayyy off!”…and I think we’ll all have a revalation or two about how we each have protrayed God to be and not be and realize how wrong and how right we have been all along. I just know I have so much more to learn….just hope I always at least protray His love ’cause that is definitely constant! 🙂

  5. hot_bananas says:

    you have to see Spinal Tap. one of the best cult classics.

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