Bag of Randomness

  • Koala rescued from fire.  Article
  • A-Rod looked weird in that interview with Peter Gammons, like he had a fake tan and make-up on.
  • I’m a bit tired of the Octuplet Mom story, but it seems as if something new always comes out of it.
  • If you ever wanted to add ninjas to your website, here you go.
  • Pancakes portraits.  Link
  • A New York Post writer decided to apply for an entry level job at Wal-Mart and write about the experience, since many that in in NYC don’t get to experience what the folks in the suburbs get to go through everyday.  It’s an interesting read, so check it out here. [Thanks, LP!]
  • How to tell if a credit card number is valid.  Link
  • I’ve been on the phone regarding work related business details with a company in Mexico several times this week.
  • It appears that Citibank is putting ads on your online activity statement.  Link
  • Church turns into a mausoleum.  Article
  • DFW viewership of President Obama’s prime-time news conference:
    CBS — 249,113 viewers
    NBC — 212,576 viewers
    ABC — 205,933 viewers
    Fox — 172,718 viewers
    Fox News Channel and Univision — 119,574 viewers each
    CNN — 39,858 viewers
    MSNBC — 33,214 viewers
    PBS — 29,894 viewers
    via Uncle Barky
  • The KenKen is the new sudoku.  Article Play it here.
  • Mischa Barton is not looking well.  Link
  • The child stars of TGIF on ABC . . . then and now.  Link
  • Darth Vader (Chad Vader) after the dentist.  It’s a response to that kid after the dentist video I posted earlier this week.
  • Weatherman accidentally rips one on air and runs to the bathroom.  Link
  • My favorite West Texas Baptist Pastor sent me this blog post from someone over at Lifeway.  It’s about what Christians can believe from atheists, but the most interesting part for me was the video-blog of Pen, of Pen and Teller fame, who is an atheist.  In the video he describes how much he respected a man that gave him a Gideon Bible.
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. T says:

    Thanks so much for posting the TGIF child starts! You made this 80s baby very happy 🙂

  2. dan says:

    For me it’s not screwy Octo-Mom but rather the fertility doctor, who surrendered his responsibility and foisted this long-term problem on the community. Even if the mother didn’t know better, surely he should have. God forbid if we get to the point when the government is in the position to decide whether women are qualified to become moms, but in this case a doctor was in the exclusive position to determine whether he would make it possible for a half-witted woman, with no financial means, to bring eight kids into the world.

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