Bag of Randomness

  • After the drive from work yesterday I came home, worked out, and then talked to four different people for over a half hour each.  I’m telling you all this because I didn’t have much time to blog and watch Lost, so this is all you get today.
  • Speaking of Lost, everytime the there is a time change I think of today’s random TV them show intro.  As a kid, I loved that show.
  • I got to wear a Super Bowl ring once.  I was helping with a Ray Botlz concert in Abilene and one of his management people use to be on staff with the Steelers.  Yup, the Cowboys lost to the Steelers in that Super Bowl, and as much as it pained me to put it on, I figured the chances of me having an opportunity to do such a thing again were pritty slim so I swallowed up my pride.
  • I’m working on a project that deals with additional user authentication, you know, the one where you see an image of blurry and curvy words that you have to type in.  It turns out that image is called CAPTCHA, and it stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.  More on it here if you are interested.
  • Remember the cyanide-tainted Extra-Strength Tylenol scare of the 80’s?  The saga continues.
  • I actually remember that story being told in one of my finance classes.  You may recall there was a second Tylenol scare that turned out to be bogus.  The false rumor was started by an investor that bought a plethora of put options in Tylenol.  A put option gave that investor the right to sell that stock at a specific price within a specific time, so the put became valuable when the Tylenol stock depreciated relative to that specified price.  That investor was busted after he told that story to girl he just met, who happened to be a secretary at the SEC.
  • My gosh, I just can’t avoid dying dog articles this week.  First it was a sports columnist writing about losing his dog only after six years, then yesterday I was reading Ed Bark’s blog that covers our local news stations and he had this post about a WFAA story that dealt with the pound.  It turns out a lot of people have dropped their pets off at the pound because they can no longer afford to keep them during these troubling time, and because of the over-population of pets the pound are putting down a lot more animals than they are use to.  I held it together pretty well until it got to the part in which the person the reporter was interviewing mention how he was about to put a dog down, but before he did so the dog held out it’s paw to shake his hand.  Man, when I read that part I got that deep sickening feeling in my gut and kinda teared up.  Yes, I’m a softy.
  • If I find one more dying dog article this week I’m going to have to have WifeGeeding grind up plenty of Zoloft and sneak it in my food.  Perhaps she can put it in my burger that’s in a spring loaded hamburger grasper.
  • But on a brighter note, here’s a cute clip of a dog riding a bike if that makes you feel any better, or a cat eating like a human.  But then again, there’s this dog with the longest tongue I’ve ever seen.
  • SisterGeeding’s apartment flooded yesterday.
  • Koala in a bucket.  Link
  • The Tampa Tribune became the latest newspaper to deliver copies of the New Testament to subscribers as a part of national effort by the International Bible Society, distributing 56,500 copies in its Saturday edition before Super Bowl XLIII.  Full Article
  • Remember that sad story I posted last week of that old man that froze to death?  Turns out he left his entire estate to the hospital, and it’s worth over half a million.  Article
  • Indian man jailed for taking 50 cents 24 years ago.  Article
  • 50 Cent, a rapper for you folks out of touch with the rap scene, is about to launch a male grooming business.  Article
  • When I saw this eBay listing, I thought of my friend Brent that’s a big Seinfeld fan.
  • A weird/funny/cute video that involves deer hunting, a ukulele, and children.  Dear Deer
  • Disney decides to market on egg shells.  Link
  • Toddler hockey fight.  Link
  • David Hasselhoff is in a music video with KiTT named Don’t Hassel the Hoff.
  • This is kind of cool.  Students in Hawaii throw a bottle in the ocean and track it online via GPS.  YouTube.  You can track the bottle here.
  • Speaking of GPS, here’s a GPS panic watch.
  • SBC entities face cutbacks.  Link
  • Another church talking a lot about sex.  Link
  • GodTube has changed.  Link
  • An expensive camera sliced in half.
  • Grace
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Gene says:

    I too got to wear a Super Bowl ring. Mine was Drew Pearson’s. He forgot it and I went a grabbed it for him and I couldn’t resist putting it on before I brought it to him.

  2. David Bryant says:

    I got to wear Ken Stabler’s Super Bowl ring while he was with the Houston Oilers. A guy I knew was a Stabler ‘hanger-on’ and would keep people from bugging him at restaurants, clubs, etc. We saw him at a local steak house and my friend introduced me and I got to try the ring on.

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