A preview of the next U2 tour

After selling out countless arenas this decade, U2 are heading outdoors this year with their first U.S. stadium tour since 1997’s PopMart Tour. The band members, who release No Line on the Horizon on March 3rd, haven’t yet announced dates for the tour or details about what they’ll play. But they hope to keep ticket prices unusually low, and they’re already planning an innovative setup that will allow for 360-degree seating around the stage, which will be moved closer to the center of the field than in any other stadium show. “It’s an engineering feat that creates this real physical proximity to the crowd,” Bono tells Rolling Stone, adding that the band wants to maximize space in the enormous venues to accommodate the many young fans it has made this decade with hits such as “Vertigo.” “We’re going outdoors to try to meet that audience.

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2 Responses to A preview of the next U2 tour

  1. Melissa says:

    Ok, you officially entered my thoughts this evening. I was catching up on my reading for one of my business classes. The very first thing in the book is a little blurb about U2 and the concert ticket prices, scalpers, etc. While I was reading that, I thought of you — and then I checked in on your blog, and the first entry I see is about U2… It’s a crazy crazy world!

  2. Brian says:

    I just got their email – so to get a chance of a presale ticket I need to shell out $50??? I thought they were like $25 a few years ago.. does anyone know a discount code??


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