Two-Hundred Sit-Ups in Six Weeks

I posted about the 100 Push-Ups challenge, so here’s another fitness challenge:

If you’re serious about increasing your core strength, follow this six week training program and you’ll soon be on your way to completing 200 consecutive sit-ups!

Think there’s no way you could do this? I think you can! All you need is a good plan, plenty of discipline and about 30 minutes a week to achieve this goal!

No doubt some of you can already do 100 consecutive sit-ups, but let’s face it, you’re in a big minority. Most of you reading this won’t even be able to manage 20 sit-ups. Actually, I’m sure many of you can’t even do 10.

However, it really doesn’t matter which group you fall into. If you follow the progressive sit-ups training program, I’m positive you’ll soon be able to do 200 sit-ups!

[Thanks, David!]

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2 Responses to Two-Hundred Sit-Ups in Six Weeks

  1. David says:

    Wow, I have been given credit on an important blog.

    I would like to think my family, without them I would have never reached this milestone. I would also like to thank Blue Bell, without whom I would not need to worry about things like exercise.

  2. Greg says:

    Are you gonna do the challenge? I just started this week.

    I’d be eager to see your progress 🙂

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