Sand of Christ

What exactly is Sand of Christ?

Sand of Christ is a keepsake that has been blessed and made holy by an ordained minister. It is a vial of sand that has been filtered, cleaned and purified, then anointed and blessed through a long and expensive process. The vial is secured in a waterproof metal capsule that has been highly polished by hand. Each one has the cross laser engraved.

But isn’t this just regular sand?

This is regular sand, just as your place of worship is made of regular bricks, and your bible is made of regular paper. The sand itself is not the important part. The sand carries and represents the hours of work, love, blessing, tradition and emotion that have gone into each piece, much like your church or place of worship. And, just like the feeling you get when you go to worship, carrying Sand of Christ with you will extend that feeling of faith and closeness.


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