Bag of Randomness

  • A local Christian school’s girls basketball team recently won a game 100-0 against a school for students with learning problems.  The losing team’s coach is proud of his girls for never giving up, and the winning school feels bad about the win.
  • A new Dallas Cowboys/Michael Irvin reality show is in the work.  Article
  • I think Jerry needs to hire Irvin as an assistant wide receivers coach.  Yeah, that’s not much of a title, but the team needs someone (players and coaching staff) with some real emotion passion.
  • I bet Jerry is upset his stadium didn’t make the list.
  • All the dates this year for February and March line up exactly, except those extra days in March of course.
  • This is pretty cool, and I spend way too much time on the site checking out the pictures, but a Cave House is for sale.
  • Remember when I told you to buy some J. Crew stock after the it was revealed that was what the Obama girls were wearing at the inauguration?  Well, not did their stock increase about ten percent that day, but during the inauguration their website actually crashed.
  • In case you ever wanted to create your own Garfield comic.  Link
  • Christian athlete inspired New Testaments.  Link
  • In case you ever wanted to see what a billion dollars look like.  Link
  • Kenneth Cole’s message about the landing on the Hudson.  Link
  • Roger Ebert loves him some Steak and Shake.  Link
  • A bacon and shrimp pizza.  Link
  • Methodist pastors works pasture to feed the poor.  Article
  • My favorite LLano Estacado Pastor is always recommending books for me, so here’s a book I’m recommending for him.
  • I was not aware that the incoming president has to cover the transportation costs of getting his items moved.  That, and many other facts of how to move an incoming president to the White House can be found here.
  • Today’s random theme show song.  YouTube
  • Grace
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  1. jonathan says:

    Let me know when you find the “Why Cats Suck!” book…

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