Bag of Randomness

  • I remember as an elementary student sometimes teachers would pass out paper that was printed on purple ink.  I never liked the purple ink papers, they seemed a bit blurry.  I think they were printed on something called a lithograph?  Maybe a few of you out there know what I’m actually talking about.
  • This will hurt your eyes.  It may also cause seizures, I’m serious.
  • A 32 year old man is the head coach of the Denver Broncos.  I know he’s young, but it feels weird being at a stage in my life in which someone younger than me is an NFL head coach.
  • The Texas Rangers baseball club wants Michael Young to play another position.  He doesn’t like being told to move, and would prefer to be asked, and thus is asking for a trade.  I remember during Rayfield Wright’s NFL Hall of Fame speech where he stated that when he was playing tight end, Tom Landry told him he would be better suited to be a tackle, and Rayfield told Coach Landry that he would do whatever he could to help the team and trusted his judgment, after all, he was the head coach.  I kind of wish Young had that attitude, but then again, I don’t think anyone on the Rangers’ staff is the Tom Landry of baseball.
  • Reading Shaq’s Twitter page is interesting.  You’ll learn he’s working on a doctorate in human resources, he thinks Mark McGuire should have gotton more hall of fame votes, and he wonders if T.O. will be back in Dallas.
  • Someone from an elementary school in Scotland contacted me yesterday asking if they could use one of my images for school presentation.  I’ve been getting more and more of those requests, but this was the first from Scotland.  In honor of their request, I’m wearing a kilt to work.
  • I wanted to wear one on my wedding day, but WifeGeeding shot that one down.
  • In one of my high school classes in 1992 we created a time capsule and burried it in a styrofome container and planned on opening it ten years later.  Included in that container was a Magic Johnson basketball card, the thought being that he wouldn’t be alive when we open that container.  That may still end up to be true.  We never met for the reunion, and a new school was built over the location of that time capsule and from my knowledge it was never recovered.
  • I’m meeting a Presbyterian pastor today and plan on asking a lot of clarifying questions about the denomination.
  • When a celebrity dies and WifeGeeding asks me what was the cause of death, my usual reply is, “He died of the death.”  That makes her laugh.
  • She also laughs when I tell her on the way to church that it’s time to worship “The Jesus.”
  • I tend to use a toothbrush longer than what I probably should.  It’s just one of those things I don’t think about buying while grocery shopping.
  • As a college student WifeGeeding once ran her car into a big yellow schoolbus.  Her punishment has been to teach kindergarten ever since.
  • Wasn’t it weird as an elementary school kid to see your teachers outside of school, like at the grocery store?
  • Several of my coworkers have been spending a lot of time in Chicago.  I would like to visit that city, but not this time of year.
  • One of my readers suggested that I use the heart rate program on my elliptical.  I decided to give it a try the other day and it was one of my more pleasing workouts.
  • Now if I can control what goes into my mouth.
  • And to a certain extent, what comes out of it.
  • I didn’t realize that that Obama’s will become president the day after MLK’s birthday.  If you are interested in the connection, here’s a video by Baptist minister and Duke University prof William Turner Jr.
  • Sound wave.  Link
  • American Idol started off with a half-Asian, Vietnamese and Caucasian.  He did not represent us well.
  • Speaking of half-Asian, I was recently informed that my Half-Asian Hall of Fame page wasn’t working, but it’s back up and working again.
  • I had a friend in college that would never lift up the toilet seat to pee in the dorm, reason being, he said that was why there was an opening at the seat cover.  Not that I’m an expert at this, but I don’t think any man has a very precise stream, and besides, the reason the toilet seats are not a complete circle is only because it was a way for the manufactuer to cut costs on materials.
  • Dick Cheney continues VP vandalism tradition.  Link
  • What’s on the menu for the inaugural lunch.  Link
  • It’s interesting how DFW’s two major newspapers are going to start sharing sports coverage.  Link
  • I bet in my lifetime newspapers will mostly be in electronic form.  Well get access through a Kindle device, PC, or mobile phone.  But I bet there will still be some print versions around.
  • My friend Barry always posts the latest news when a female teacher is caught doing inappropriate things with a male student.  One day I have a feeling I’ll be reading one of those articles and will notice the teacher in question was someone I knew from my high school or college days.
  • Give the Kansas City Chiefs about three or four years and you’ll be looking a very solid team.  I have a lot of faith in their front office, unlike the front office of the Cowboys.
  • Heisman Cat.  Link
  • I just realized it’s Howser not Houser.
  • If you are a fan of Les Mis and How I Met Your Mother, check this interview out.
  • Palin is still trying to grab the spotlight.  It’s going to be interesting come the next presidential election when her GOP competitors start to tear into her.
  • Birdshark
  • I just realized Wilson Phillips got back together.  Their CD was one of the first ones I bought.
  • Jimmy Carter’s bike was stolen.  Article
  • It seems a bit odd that the Los Angeles Rams moved to St Louis, yet Jason Garrett is going to interview for the head coaching position in Los Angeles.
  • Today’s random television show is another show in which I have never seen an episode of.  Link
  • Grace [Just for you, Alex]
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9 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. kim says:

    mimeograph? I was an expert at using that A.B. Dick machine. A lot of the kids like the smell when the sheet were fresh.

  2. Nic says:

    Ahh, mimeographs. Flashbacks of first graders huffing fresh worksheets and eating paste.

  3. BuriedCaesar says:

    Don’t think it’s just sports for Dallas and Ft. Worth newspapers – it appears that the entertainment critics (Cantrell, etc.) have been doing double duty, too…

  4. Brent says:

    Yes!! Ahh, St. Elsewhere, the show that introduced us to Denzel Washington (and Howie Mandel). Actually, I loved that show…I need to see if I can find it on Netflix.

  5. Just a dude says:

    Mimeographs for the win.

    You can see references to it in Fast Times at Ridgemont High when Mr. Hand surprises the class with a quiz and everyone picks it up for a sniff.

  6. alex says:

    Thanks man!! It’s crazy, but I read the blog at the end of the work day, and every time I see that word it reminds me of what I have to lean on. True story!

  7. carolyn says:

    Topic 1: Yep, it’s mimeograph. Fueled by some purple toxic fluid that would melt your brain if inhaled.
    Topic 2: what a lovely wedding day picture. Made me smile.

  8. I wonder of memeograph huffing predicts future glue huffing and coke snorting (depending on your SES).

  9. George says:

    So I was studying my NT Greek tonight and chuckled because I remembered this post.

    Sometimes in Greek proper names get a definite article. So the text would have “ὁ Ἰησοῦς” literally “The Jesus.”

    John 11:35: ἐδάκρυσεν ὁ Ἰησοῦς. The Jesus wept.

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