Bag of Randomness

  • As many of you know, I label myself as a recovering Baptist and have studied church history, denominational differences, and the Protestant Reformation for the last several years.  To further my studies I have visited several Mainline Protestant churches as of late.  This Sunday WifeGeeding and I decided to attend early worship in a new church, but when we arrived we discovered that they were having some type of special family service and no one would be arriving for several hours.  We then decided to attend early worship in the Presbyterian church we atteneded last week as it was something that we could still make in time considering the distance.  The message was a fantastic sermon about angels, but oddly enough, I was browsing through the church bulletin that lsited the topics that were being taught in Sunday school.  One of the topics just happened to be “Denominational Differences and the Reformation.”  It appears the teacher bit off a bit more than he could chew, and it looks like this lesson will turn one lesson will turn into a series.  WifeGeeding and I will also be attending again next week.  Coincidence?  Maybe, maybe not.
  • Out of nowhere WifeGeeding referenced that old dance called the Electric Slide (check out the old people in the back).
  • SNL started the year out with a bang.  Neil Patrick Harris hosted, and was superb.  My favorite skit involved him playing entering a dark room and approaching a keyboard, only to start playing the Doogie Houser theme complete with an orchester and an ending that just killed.  I vistied the Hulo website where you can find SNL clips, and they have about ten clips from last night but not this one.  Oh, blerg.  When I find it (eventually) I’ll be sure to post it so all of us children of the 80’s can rejoice in unison.
  • But if you are a fan of Broadway, you may appreciate this skit that he participated in.
  • My next phone, the Palm Pre.  It’s the next best thing to an iPhone.  Here’s a nice review.
  • I couldn’t fall asleep on Friday night so I fired up the laptop to blog only to find that WifeGeeding was still logged in to her FaceBook profile.  I decided to search for past high school and college aquatences and was more relieved than ever that they are no longer a part of my life and glad I did not nor will I ever attend my high school reunion.
  • It also made me appreciate and love my wife even more.  I’m so thankful that she accepts me for who I am and allows me to just be myself.  That’s a beautiful gift that she gives me.  It’s as if God made her especially for me.  But if that’s the case, she got the short end of the deal.
  • I don’t have a FaceBook, MySpace, or LinkedIn account because I don’t want to be found.  I only keep in touch with people that I truely value, and I wonder if those friends really know that.
  • There might be a time I cave in and get a LinkedIn account, only because of professional networking purposes.
  • For those that might want to get a better understanding on why some people feel the Bible contradicts itself or want to understand why others are not comfortable with it, the Skeptic’s Annotated Bible might be a good resource.
  • I am now addicted to yogurt, but all I have tried is the blueberry kind, and I have decided to try that Jamie Lee Curtis Activia challenge.  I’ve found that since I’ve started, I fart much less.  Oddly enough, WifeGeeding has bought a plethora of that stuff and spoon feeds me daily.
  • We ate at the Cheesecake Factory in Frisco on Friday night.  It was the first time we traveled there since that section of 121 has been completed, and the travel that was once a beating is now fantastic.
  • I decided to have the breakfast quesadilla for dinner and it was mmm mmmmm good.
  • Would you believe me if I told you there are benefits to a bacon and butter diet?  [Thanks, David!]
  • Speaking of butter, the other day WifeGeeding went out to dinner with a bunch of girlfriends and accidentall sat in a butter that was left in her booth.  I’ve been calling her butter-butt all weekend.  If that gets old, I’ll call her butter-booty.
  • Something I don’t think WifeGeeding plans on doing.  Link
  • One of the things that annoy me is when I hear that someone is the next Billy Graham.  So I decided to search The Google to see who all comes up first.  The usual suspects appear, but I found this one entry on Stuff Christians Like about the topic.
  • Did you know the “Hitler Salute” use to be popular in the U.S.?  Link
  • In case you ever wondered how West Virgianians liked their hot dogs.  Link
  • I called one of my high school and college friends and congratulated him on his 10th wedding anniversary.  He and his wife have four kids, I think it’s four, I lost count.  Even though he’s a Southern Baptist minister, I think secretly he’s Mormon.
  • His wedding anniversary just happens to fall on his birthday.  I’m glad those two events don’t coincide on the same day for me.
  • I’m not sure if my close NY friend has noticed, but for the last two years he’s called me during the second week of the NFL Playoffs.
  • Bono wrote an op-ed piece for the NY Times about Frank Sinatra . . . read it here.
  • If you are interested in Bono, Sinatra, and Beavis and Butthead here’s a YouTube video for you.
  • Google has a new favicon and I don’t know if I like it.
  • I didn’t see this come coming . . . A Hyundai is Car of The Year.  Article
  • I saw that the elder Bush got a ship named after him.  I’m surprised Jimmy Carter doesn’t have a ship or sub named after him.  After all, he was a nuclear naval engineer and a graduate of Annapolis.
  • If you want to thank the current president, here’s your chance.
  • A 35-year old Barack and Michelle Obama talk about marriage.  Link
  • The First Dog will be either a Labradoodle or a Portuguese Water Hound.  Link
  • I noticed DogGeeding was staring at the fire in the fireplace this Saturday.  It turns out he was playing with one of his toys and accidentally threw it in the fire.  Luckily it was only singed since it wasn’t all the way in the fireplace.
  • Karl Rove is on Twitter.  Link
  • A Flickr group about growing up Star Wars 1977-1985. Link
  • How much of your state smokes?  Find out here.
  • Let me get this right . . . the NFC Championship game will be in Arizona?  No one, I repeat, no one would have guess that at the beginning of the season.
  • CBS has this thing called Super Vision that I like.
  • 1938 Disney rejection letter.  Link
  • During the BCS National Championship game, Florida QB Tim Tebow wrote “John 3:16” underneath his eyes.  The result ended up being that phrase was the top seach item for Google that day.  Link
  • Hey Jonathon, who’s cuter?
  • Or . . . what about this Star Wars reference?
  • Today’s random televison theme show song.  YouTube
  • Grace
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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Kevin says:

    I am not a fan of Google's new fav icon, but I often times do not like changes that are out of my control when it comes to my internet and desktop.

    NFC Championship in Arizona. Of course I wouldn't have guessed it, but just four weeks ago who would have guessed that the Eagles would be in there as well?

  2. MamaToots says:

    Bullet 1: Personally, I don’t believe in consequences!
    Bullet “way down on the list”! Some fortunate soul will be glad your friend had 4 children when he/she marries #4!!

  3. Rev. Hart says:

    I’m not familiar with the Skeptics Bible you mention, but I would add that for skeptics and also for believers, Josh McDowell’s book is a must-have. If you are a Christian who isn’t really able to defend/explain the faith academically, please buy this book.

  4. jonathan says:

    Fighting through cat pictures is becoming a favorite part of my morning…

    …and I just lied.

  5. RY says:

    Though we don’t always see eye-to-eye on some issues, I have always appreciated your struggles with a walk of faith while still maintaining a open identity as a Christian (Rom. 1:16). I too struggle to maintain this walk while still personally dividing the Word (2 Tim. 2:15) to verify its voracity and application to said walk. I have on occasion investigated apparent contradictions, that on further study from the full text or through historical research, I have found them to be at most, open to interpretation, not outright contradictions to facts or the nature of God. There are many fine resources that address these issues using reliable scholorship and would be a resposible recommendation, unlike giving any credence to The Skeptics Annotated Bible.(Rom. 15:22)

  6. Suzi says:

    Re: yogurt – Any fruit that’s tart is a good candidate: berries, citrus, etc. the others creep me out: coconut, chocolate, caramel – they somehow taste awful to me when combined with fermented milk.

    I’m partial to Yoplait’s light yogurt at 100 calories per serving.

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