Bag of Randomness

  • Special thanks to the all the readers that sent me an email with the bottom line reading “Sent from my iPhone” yesterday.  I hope all of you get an itch right between the shoulder blades, just far enough where you aren’t able to scratch it.
  • Several of you have been nice enough to send me emails encouraging me on improving my health.  A number of those emails stated that were c
  • I had a somewhat heated debate the other day with an old friend over which NFL cheerleading squad had the best looking uniforms.  We kept Dallas out of the argument.  He campaigned for Miami and Philadelphia.  I personally thought Tampa Bay and Washington lead the pack.  I’ll leave the research for yourself.  One thing is for sure, it’s certainly not the Baltimore Ravens squad.
  • Gosh darn it to heck it’s been a slow week.
  • One tough librarian.  Link
  • I think I already know what I’m going to give WifeGeeding for Valentine’s Day.
  • For those of you that watch Fox 4 DFW sports, Nita Wiggins is gone.
  • Here’s a suggestion to you men, go ahead and order those flowers to be sent to work now and get it out of the way.
  • Seriously, flowers are a waste of money.  Sure, the gesture is nice, but they die rather quickly and that money could be better spent elsewhere.
  • Spider-Man meets Obama.  Article Comic Preview
  • It was recently brought to my attention that Sleeping Beauty’s castle is in Disney land and Cinderella’s castle is in Disney world.
  • In case you are wondering,  Disneyland in Paris has Réveillez la Dame de Château (Sleeping Beauty’s Castle), as does Disney Hong Kong, and Disney Tokyo has a Cinderella castle.
  • I also ran across the rumor that most of the castles’ spires are tipped with real gold, but one is left ungilt symbolizing that Walt Disney never had enough time or money to do everything he wanted to do.
  • An entire farm in one Whataburger.  Link [Thanks, Chris!]
  • Secret identity of the Halo Master Chief revealed.  Link
  • Two movies titled 9 and Nine will be released on 9/9/09.  Link
  • Chipmunk verses Ewok.  Link
  • I didn’t know it was possible for a woman to have two reproductive parts.  Article
  • I read some interesting airline industry news the other day.  In the year 2000, 12% of a customer’s ticket went towards fuel cost.  Now that number is closer to 36%.
  • I’ve never ordered shoes online.  It’s just one of those things that I need to try one before I buy.
  • It turns out that Dubya hasn’t even been inside his new house.  Link
  • Speaking of Dubya, there’s a Bush’s Last Day website and an Obama’s First Day website.  [Thanks, Jonathan!]
  • Man, Sarah Palin is like a turd that just won’t flush.  Now she’s complaining about Tina Fey and Katie Couric (that’s like soooo 2008, get over it already), and she’s wondering if the media is going to treat Caroline Kennedy differently than her.  Well, of course the media will treat Kennedy different.  Kennedy is trying to fill a vacant senate seat to represent the state of New Year by being appointed and not locally elected, as opposed to being a heartbeat away from becoming the leader of the free world in a national election.
  • That being said, I don’t think either are ready to fulfill the duties of those offices.
  • I’m not sure if The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is considered a news organization, but he was laying it on Kennedy pretty hard regarding her lack of interview skills.
  • I’m starting to see more and more vending machines with the ability to accept a credit or debit card.  In Japan, I know you can use your cell phone to purchase items in a vending machine, and the charge will just be added to your phone bill.  I’m surprised that isn’t an option over here.
  • For fans of the movie Love Actually, here is a nice little marriage proposal.
  • For all Tom Cavanaugh fans (Ed that was on NBC) he will star in a new TNT drama called Trust Me come January 26.  It’s a drama about a Chicago ad agency.
  • I found a Wii in one of the conference rooms at work.
  • Every redneck woman’s dream store.  Link
  • An Iranian-American home developer created a scaled down version of the White House in Atlanta.  It even has a side garage, and since he converted to Christianity there’s even a church sanctuary.  Link
  • If you are into steel drums, Rubik’s Cubes, and bikini body builders, then I have a video for you.
  • For $135 you can customize your own jeans to fit your body.  Link
  • If you are a big fan of Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket and love blogging, The UnTicket is looking for some bloggers.
  • One of my former coworkers always absolutely terrible breath, but I couldn’t bear to tell him or her.
  • Animals who need big kisses.  Link
  • Here’s today’s random television show theme song.
  • A message to all my readers.  Link
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Kevin says:

    What, no thoughts on Oklahoma’s loss to Florida last night? As a Texas fan I thought you would have had something to say!

  2. BuriedCaesar says:

    “- Several of you have been nice enough to send me emails encouraging me on improving my health. A number of those emails stated that were c

    – I had a somewhat heated debate the other day with an old friend over which NFL cheerleading squad…”

    Guess that was a truly random thought progression. It felt just like changing the radio in the car from NPR to the Ticket… 🙂

  3. Rev. Hart says:

    Re: the cheerleaders. Those of us who are GIANTS fans know that the subjection of women as sex symbols is just offensive and distracting. So we’re above that. We don’t have cheerleaders. We have SUPER BOWL RINGS. 🙂

    Re: that McWhiteHouse in Atlanta. Wow. Simply, wow.

  4. blurdp says:

    That hideous White House monstrosity is about ten miles from my house. It’s an eyesore and I hope somebody buys it and tears it down.

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