Bag of Randomness

  • My dad use to tell me that after Monday half of the work week is complete.  I think that’s especially true the Monday after time off.
  • Instead of starting any new projects this spring, I think I’ll just finish the ones I never completed.
  • Seriously, DogGeeding hasn’t had this much get-up-and-go in a very long time.
  • Thanks to WifeGeeding, I was granted permission to purchase that elliptical.  Getting back on a workout program is tough, because being a typical boneheaded male, I just to start working out full blast ignoring my age and just how out of shape I really am.
  • But I also have to remember that it takes both diet and exercise to be healthy.
  • What happens when you combine an XBox 360 and a Suzuki.  Link
  • On Desperate Housewives I’ve noticed that Kathryn Joosten’s character (Mrs McCluskey) has a sister played by Lily Tomlin, both of which played the president’s secretary on the West Wing.
  • This doesn’t mean that I watch that show.
  • But then again, maybe it does.
  • On to more manly things . . . the Super Bowl’s website has some interesting nuggets.  For instance, this link told me that in 2006 the winners in the wild card games received $19,000 and the losers received $17,000.  In the divisional round all players received $19,000; and those in the conference championship games received $37,000.  But it didn’t tell me what they were payed for playing in the Super Bowl.
  • I noticed there is now a Major League Baseball channel on my DirecTV.  I watch about 15 minutes of some old game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Yankees and it also showed old shaving commercials.
  • Another theory about dinosaurs and the Bible.  Link
  • Since a lot of my readers are in the ministry or spend a lot of time studying the Bible and come from different backgrounds, here’s an interesting site for you to visit.  In short, one of my readers has posted six Bible related questions on his blog and would like to see what kind of varying answers he will get.  I’m intrigued.
  • A few of my Mainline Protestant readers have been kind enough to email about their denomination.  I almost feel like I’m being recruited. 😉
  • Every now and then I read a little bit of Marty Martin.  His latest piece has a section that really has me thinking:
    • We Bible-believing Christians are offended when some Muslims base social and political policy on the Qur’an, or ruling parties in India, on texts from their holy books, since we do not accept such texts as “God’s Word.”  What Pastor Warren and millions in his camp advocate works only in a theocracy, where the whole population accepts or is forced to accept one faith’s “God’s Word.”
  • I’m really addicted to watching episodes of House on syndication.
  • Frozen bubbles.  Link
  • Here’s a cool little heart warming story.  An atheist university professor becomes a Methodist minister.   It’s all because of his wife.  They met, she wanted to marry in the church, but he said that was a deal breaker since he didn’t want to be hypocritical, so they compromised and married on a beach.  Eventually she got him to go to church, and he started to ask all sorts of questions and provides some interesting insight on what it’s like be a total outsider and attend a worship service.  He learns that he doesn’t have to take everything literally in the Bible and eventually feels called into the ministry.
  • If you played The Oregon Trail as a kid, you might enjoy this post.
  • Bird bully.  Link
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. David says:

    Regarding working out…have you ever used a heart rate monitor? I have found this is the best way to ‘ease back into it’. I have a spreadsheet & article with good information on how to do this if you think you will go down the heart rate monitor route.

  2. Mel says:

    what are you giving Dog Geeding? I know you mention treats…

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