Unhealthiest “value menu” item

It may seem like a steal at $1. But Jack in the Box’s junior bacon cheeseburger has been ranked the unhealthiest “value menu” item offered by a fast food chain, according to the Cancer Project.

Dieticians from the non-profit food watchdog group examined value menu fare from five fast food chains and found that many of these items are loaded with saturated fat, sodium and other ingredients that can increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes. They also contain grilled or processed meats, which have been linked to cancer.

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One Response to Unhealthiest “value menu” item

  1. Quiddity says:

    I say it’s okay to have fun once in a while. While I hardly ever eat fast food, it can be a treat. Yesterday I had a Burger King Whopper, for the first time in maybe three years. It was great. The fries too.

    Same for chili fries.

    I donate blood every two months. Only after a donation do I go out and have two enormous pastrami sandwiches. I figure, why not indulge after being good for eight weeks. Also, doing it infrequently means that it’s something special.

    I did know a fellow who almost always ate fast food. That’s not good. He also had huge cholesterol numbers.

    I guess I’m writing this comment because I’ve known people who would show up at a party and not eat something fattening because they are “on a regimen”. C’mon, nobody has to be 100% pure every day of the year.

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