Disciple Shades

For those who desire to dwell on their devotion and stay focused on their faith, Disciple Shades is pleased to offer the first and only line of Christian-based sunglasses with inspirational verses on the inside. Created as simple reminders of your divine self in the midst of a hectic, rapidly moving world, our hip, new sunglasses provide a unique way to keep our attention on what is truly important—our faith and our spirituality.

Our distinctive product design features Christian emblems, such as a simple Cross, a Dove and the signature Disciple Shades winged D, that reflect the values of Love, Hope, Faith and Joy. Meaningful biblical verses are displayed on the inside temple of every model. Our premier collection of fashion-forward, spiritually inspired sunglasses provides 100% UV protection—which means you can keep cool and look cool at the same time you’re affirming your faith.

These fantastic new shades will do more than complete your Christian wardrobe and enable you to focus on your faith. With our inspirational sunglasses, you’ll be wearing what you believe in, and most importantly, living in the light. And, since a portion of our sales goes to the charity Habitat for Humanity, you’ll also be serving mankind while being reminded of your spirituality.


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