Bag of Randomness

  • I haven’t posted a Bag of Randomness in a week and half and I wonder if anyone noticed or even missed it.
  • One of my favorite days of the year is when sports radio 1310 The Ticket does their white elephant swap of mixing the hosts and time slots; but this year it was subpar.
  • I often refer to Texas Governor Rick Perry as Governor Good Hair.  But after seeing corrupt Governor Blagojevich, he should be called Governor Bad Hair, Governor Bad Toupee, Governor Hard Name to Pronounce, or simply jackass.
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if he did something drastic to keep from going to jail.
  • Heart attack waiting to happen.  Oddly enough, it involves a pork product.  Link [Thanks, Chris!]
  • This man is whooped.  Link
  • I felt a little enlightened after reading this piece over the use of “merry” as in Merry Christmas.  But I was already aware of the Xmas part of the article.
  • I enjoy creating our Christmas letter each year, but I’m always left with that feeling I could have made it better or I left something out.  I’ll post it in a few days, I’m waiting for WifeGeeding to put them in the mail.  I would hate to ruin the anticipation of reading our card from any of you that’s on our list.  [Note: That last sentence should have been read with a sarcastic tone.]
  • The last four years I’ve sent the same Christmas card, and this is the year I think I’m finally going to run out of them.  Sigh.
  • Every year around Halloween and Christmas our local fire department will drive down the street and turn on the sirens and lights.  On Halloween they throw out candy, during Christmas Santa waves.  I appreciate them doing such a thing.
  • Southlake, TX residents have the highest median household income in the country, $172,945 a year. University Park ranked seventh with $151,418. Colleyville’s median salary of $148,789 was ninth.  Article
  • Hierarchy of Beards.  Link
  • The age at which a women feels most sexy is 34.  Article
  • One heck of a personal GM car collection.  Link
  • The other night WifeGeeding fell asleep before I did (that’s nothing new) but before I was about to turn in for the night I went to give her a kiss goodnight.  But that startled her and she actually punched me in the face.  I tell the guys at the office the black-eye is a result of me running down a purse snatcher.
  • Storm Troopers take a trip to the lake.  Flickr
  • I really want my own elliptical machine, but man they are expensive.  I think I have narrowed them down to two, one of them is by a company called Octane and I don’t know who creates the other one.  It’s really all I want for Christmas.  I welcome any thoughts from any Octane users.
  • I’ve started to watch the Fox medical drama “House.”  Not bad.  I needed to find another hour long drama other than “Friday Night Lights.”  There’s something I enjoy about freeing myself from the everyday world for an hour and getting lost into a make believe world.  At least “Lost” comes back on next month.
  • American Vanilla.  Link
  • I’m still not sure what to get WifeGeeding for Christmas.
  • I power down when I hear Feliz Navidad and loath the Nutcracker.
  • GeedingManor needs window insulation in the living room.
  • WifeGeeding’s father is about to turn 70 and his mother is still alive.  I find that both heart warming and amazing.
  • For those of you that use the Google Reader, if you use the old “Contra” code it will go into Ninja mode.
  • Lexus Christmas commericals are annoying.
  • When children sing I often think of horror movies.
  • You are just uncool if you don’t know what the Contra code is.  Sorry to break the news to some of you, but I still have much love for ya.
  • Google tells you who the worst band in the world is, but I think there are worst.  Link
  • While watching “How I Met Your Mother” WifeGeeding noticed that during the scene in the kindergarten classroom she actually had some of the same wall decorations.
  • Speaking of that show, both women are pregnant.
  • And I love that show’s theme song.
  • If you are a fan of the Godfather movie, this link has some very interesting pictures during its shooting.  The first time I watched that movie was in the year 2000.
  • Just typing the year 2000 makes me think of Conan O’Brien.
  • I’m thinking of getting rid of my pool table that I’ve had for the last 16 or so years.  I just never use it and no one ever comes over to play.
  • Free Arby’s roast beef sandwich coupon.  Link
  • I had a Papa Murphy’s pizza the other day since I friend recommended it to me.  I went with the Chicago style and it was great.  Basically the make the pizza for you, and you take it home and bake it.  Normally I wouldn’t do such a thing, but they turned me into a believer.
  • I heard someone reference “brain cloud” the other day.  Can you name the movie?
  • The private life of toys.  Link
  • If you like to eat and travel, then you must be envious of Adam Richman since that’s what he does for a living.  He on this show called Man v. Food.  Here’s the show in a nutshell: After hunting down the can’t-miss flavors that make up each region’s unique culinary history, Adam will take on the city’s toughest food challenge.
  • The other morning Bryan Adams’ “Summer of 69” came on the radio.  There’s something about that song that make me feel good, so I had to crank up the volume.
  • Sometimes I wish the Daily Show didn’t have an audience.  There are times when Jon Stewart is in a very interesting debate with a guest and the crowd ruins the counterpoint by cheering.
  • Here’s an interesting story about a Dodge that was left alone since the 1940’s.
  • I like miniature candy canes better than regular size candy canes.
  • I’m amazed at how the Space Shuttle can piggy back on a plane.
  • I have never tried fruitcake.
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13 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Quiddity says:

    You should try fruitcake. Thinly sliced with tea.

    Always look forward to BON

  2. Tammy says:

    I’ve never tried fruitcake either. And yes, I for one did miss your bag of randomness!! My dh got me hooked on House…it is pretty good.

  3. Allyson says:

    I have missed your BOR! My 4-year-old’s favorite Christmas song is Feliz Navidad, hands down. Weird.

  4. Kevin says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who oddly missed the BOR. I look forward to it every day for some strange reason.

    Anyway, I love the theme song to HIMYM, but feel the show has gone down the hill a little bit this season. I am getting tired of Ted’s loser mentality and I don’t especially like the path that they are sending Barney with the whole love story for Robin. Oh well. I’ll still watch.

    As for the Konami code in Google Reader, those guys at Google labs are fun nerds, aren’t they?


  5. Chlp says:

    did WifeGeeding really sock you one in the eye?

  6. Cowtown Doug says:

    Love me some B.O.R.

  7. Dave says:

    My wife does the same thing. Gets startled and freaks out…but she has never punched me. Maybe that should be a goal from here on out.

    Have you ever noticed on HIMYM that almost everyone on that show has a terribly nasal voice? It sounds like 80% of the cast constantly has a cold. I think Barney is the only one who doesn’t sound like he is stopped up. Good show, though.

  8. Geeding says:

    No joke, WifeGeeding really punched me in the eye. It’s bruised, and I came close to applying makeup before going to work, but then decided I ain’t wearing no make up unless I’m paid to be on TV or stage.

    Her act of violence will reflect on the type of Christmas presents she receives from me this year.

    Spousal abuse I tell ya!! In our relationship, she’s Ike and I’m Tina.

  9. Kaleb says:

    From what I have been told about the elliptical, the main thing is getting one that fits your legs. Someone with shorter legs would not want to ride the same one with longer legs, so I would try them out before you make a purchase to make sure that it is comfortable for you.

  10. jonathan says:

    I need more Bags of Randomness and less kitty-cat videos.

  11. Nathan S. says:

    I love the bag of randomness… even more than the regular bon posts.
    House is great, I watch it every week.

  12. Brett says:

    Joe versus the Volcano, btw.

  13. dan says:

    1) I also missed Bag of Randomness, but assumed you were too busy saving jobs at Southwest and didn’t have time to post to it.
    2) There was a report today that Blagojevich is deeply in debt to his law firm, over $500K. Surprisingly even though he knew he was under investigation for years he kept up the incriminating chatter on the phone.
    3) If you are looking for a good Christmas present for WifeGeeding, my son runs a Mauy Thai kickboxing gym with ladies’ classes. If she works you over again and gives you a black eye, when you go into work the next day you can tell your co-workers you were in a fight with a professional martial artist.
    4) I use to like “House” but it’s the same show each week. A patient with an unusual disease; House tries a series of unorthodox treatments; insults his co-workers, colleagues, the patient, and the patients family; and then at the end the patient walks out of the hospital cured while the staff is left to apologize to House for not understanding his berating style of medicine.
    5) The Lexus Christmas commercials are not just annoying any more – now they are downright inappropriate for the times.
    6) I also don’t like it when The Daily Show’s audience hoots when he asks a question, drowning out the response of his guests. It makes me wonder why some of his guests even bother coming on. But as Bill O’Reilly said on the show, “The only reason I’m here is to sell my book”. It seems from movie stars to authors to politicians, they all know the exposure on his show helps no matter how they’re treated.

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