Bag of Randomness

  • WifeGeeding and I successfully cooked a very flavorful and tender turkey . . . but it still wasn’t as good as my mother’s.  But there’s plenty of time for us to practice.
  • I don’t think there will ever be a reason or a sale so fantastic that I would be willing to wake up early on Black Friday and be part of the mayhem.
  • But I’m all about Cyber Monday.
  • However . . . it’s going to be a frugal Christmas in the Geeding household this year.
  • For those that live in DFW . . . that Winstar Casino “Rome” commercial is driving me bonkers.
  • The 2008 Bailout vs Other Large Government Projects.  Chart
  • I actually watched a two hour special I Tivo’d way back when over Einstein’s theory of relativity.  I wasn’t aware that it took a total eclipse to prove his theory, and that later in life he married his cousin.  Oh, and his first wife only granted a divorce after he said he would give her his Nobel prize money he was so confident he was going to win.  Funny thing is, he didn’t win it for his theory of relativity.
  • Oh, and I also finally watched an hour long special on the Lunar Rover.  It’s amazing how they were able to make it fold in a space less than five cubic feet.  And in case you didn’t know, there are three of them on the moon.
  • I also watched a History channel special on the White House and learned something new.  There was talk about moving the nation’s capitol from D.C. to Cincinnati after the British torched DC in 1814.  The thought being if the nation’s capitol was closer inland it would be better protected.
  • I hope the Christian church rememberd to pray for those involved in the terrorist act that occurred in Mumbai.
  • I’m not complaining, but it feels so weird being able to fill my gas tank up for under $25.
  • A bit long and nerdy, but creative.  Star Wars vs Star Trek (be sure to watch til after the credits)
  • Texas Tech has not looked like a top ten team in the last two weeks.
  • College football games are fun, but the BCS makes it difficult to be a fan.
  • It’s December, which means it’s time for the Cowboys to fold and flush all our hopes down the toilet.
  • I liked the way the Redskins honored Sean Taylor.
  • The NFL in 3D will be the next new thing.  Article Maybe that deserved its own separate post.
  • On a quiz show I learned the largest city in Missouri is actually Kansas City.  I would have thought it was St Louis.
  • Speaking of St Louis, here’s a video of the guy who changes the light bulb on top of the Gateway Arch.  He does it about once a year.  I have a fear of heights, I couldn’t do anything like that.
  • A somewhat interesting article on prayer websites.  Article
  • I found the perfect birthday card for a friend the other day, but his birthday recently passed, so I’m going to have to hold on to this card for a whole year.
  • Life sure can be stranger than fiction.  I most recently thought of that after reading about the story of Dan White.
  • I did a lot of electronic cleaning and discovered a have a lot of power cords that go to nothing, miles of telephone cords, lots of RCA cables, three old PCs I’ll never use, and a lot of other e-crap that needs to be recycled instead of being thrown out.
  • A world clock.  Link
  • It might be worth looking a the sky tonight.  Article
  • Snow Bear.  Pic
  • They’re brothers. They live six blocks apart. And for 80 years, neither knew the other existed.  Article [Thanks, Suzy!]
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. dan says:

    1) World Clock – The abortions portion figure on the clock is sobering.

    2) Night Sky – Supposedly there’s also website that tells you when you can view the bag of tools that one of the astronauts dropped on the last space mission. Surprisingly, you can see it with a handheld telescope.

    3) I always found it strange that Einstein did all of his most famous work while in his early twenties. Also, that his thesis on relativity did not have a single footnote because nothing on it or relating to it had ever been done by anyone. I recently read a book about the discovery of the Polio vaccine and was surprised that Jonas Salk never received the Nobel Prize. Several other scientists, who were either working on competing vaccines or contributed to his work, did receive the prize, however.

    4) The prayer website – regarding the comment that repeated scientific research shows prayer by strangers is ineffective, it’s puzzling that if God can read our every thought and is supremely logical, why would he pay attention to prayers ordered up over the Internet?

    He might listen to an individual’s prayers, or if incapacitated [according to God’s plan], the prayers of those most affected, but why would waste time listening to and reacting to Internet prayer websites?

  2. dan says:

    The idea of prayer came up again last night in a news story about the Wal-Mart worker who was stomped to death by Christmas shoppers. In a statement, Wal-Mart described the worker’s brutal death as “unfortunate”. The corporation further said that Wal-Mart’s prayers were with him.

    How does a corporation send prayers to God?

  3. hot_bananas says:

    hey, i heard all about how the gas is not as expensive anymore. that’s awesome! same thing here. that’s really good.

    it has been snowing and tag-teaming with rain all week. so we didn’t get to look at the sky. too bad, we missed it.

    we miss watching the History Channel. there are a couple of documentary TV channels here, and one of them shows quite a bit of episodes from HC. but it’s all dubbed, so it’s not the same. i wish they would just subtitle all the english shows here.

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