Steve Young, Gay Marriage, and the Mormon Church

Former 49ers quarterback Steve Young and his wife Barbara have posted yard signs in front of their Palo Alto home urging voters to vote no on Proposition 8, the state ballot measure that would ban same-sex marriage.

Barbara Young has also donated about $50,000 to defeat the measure, and says in a statement that the family does not believe in discrimination and “therefore our family will vote against Prop. 8.”

Steve Young, a prominent Mormon, has not taken a public position on Prop. 8 himself.

The Mormon Church has donated much money to the “Yes on 8” campaign.

Young wouldn’t be the only Bay Area sports legend to weigh in on Prop. 8. Former San Francisco Giant Jeff Kent — who now plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers — has donated $15,000 to the campaign to ban gay marriage.


It will be interesting to see how this plays out considering that Steve Young himself is the great-great-great-grandson of Brigham Young, the second president of the LDS and for whom BYU was name.  You may recall that the creator of Mormon beefcake calender was excommunicated from the church.

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5 Responses to Steve Young, Gay Marriage, and the Mormon Church

  1. Doris Benninger says:

    Here’s another “bigoted” comment–from the Bible, 1 Cor 7:2 “each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband.” Also 1 Cor 6:18-20. You will not agree with this but it’s God’s Word and you will be judged based on it! I’m truly sorry that Steve Young sold his soul so cheaply.

  2. Norris Hall says:

    Rather than waste 20 million dollars to support a ban on Gay marriage why doesn’t the Mormon church do something useful like spend it to feed the poor or provide shelter for the homeless. There are so many good uses for that money.

    What kind of Christian message does it send when you spend that kind of money on political campaigns while the poor go hungry and the sick can’t afford to see a doctor.

    Handing 20 million dollars over to television stations for anti gay ads is a big waste of money in a world of suffering.

  3. Speaking of suffering, I have a very close friend who at the age of 19 knocked on my door and asked if he could stay with me a few days. His parents discovered he was gay and kicked him out of their home.
    He went on to complete college without family support. Now, pushing 50, he is a very successful Exxon employee partnered with a respected lawyer and living in LA. He and his partner got married a few months ago, and now the state has pulled the rug out from under him again. Suffering can be very quiet and personal.

  4. cathy dansen says:

    You facts are wrong. get educated before you throw numbers around. the Mormon church did not give 20 million dollars. The people themselves might have donated themselves that amount, I do not know, but the church in Salt Lake or any congregation in California did not give the money.

    also you get onto people for hate crimes yet you yourself do not believe in others having their opinion and the hate crimes that you are imposing on a church are just as bad.

    it is like the pot calling the kettle black

  5. kimberly irvin says:

    i believe that gay rights should be banned. there is no reason for some one to like the same sex

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