Mark Wahlberg Gets No Respect At Church

“I go to church and people ask me if they can be on Entourage, what’s gonna happen. I go to church to worship, I don’t go to church to talk about it. The stuff that I did with my entourage back in the day is stuff that I’m not proud of and I’m asking forgiveness for; I don’t want things brought up in church, but, if you go to church in Beverly Hills, those kind of things happen.”

And his fellow worshipers don’t just bug him about Entourage.

He adds, “I get scripts, resumes, books – people tried to come up to me with a children’s book before and I wouldn’t take it. They got upset with me. This is church.”


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One Response to Mark Wahlberg Gets No Respect At Church

  1. dan says:

    See “We’re Sorry” posting above. The man should be able to go to church without people hassling him and shoving business deals at him. Where’s the pastor?

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