How the Map Looked Exactly 2 Years Ago

Exactly two years ago, SurveyUSA completed interviews with 600 voters in every state (30,000 total interviews), asking them how they would vote in a 2008 Presidential Election between John McCain and Barack Obama. Based on those interviews, SurveyUSA was able to report that:

In November 2006, Obama carried …

  1. His home state of Illinois.
  2. His birth state of Hawaii.
  3. The District of Columbia.

In November 2006, Obama got 28 total electoral votes.

In November 2006, John McCain carried 48 states, and rolled up 510 electoral votes.

How far has Barack Obama come in 24 months?

We’ll know for sure Tuesday night.


Makes you wonder who we as a nation don’t know now will make an appearance in 2012.

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One Response to How the Map Looked Exactly 2 Years Ago

  1. noevadeaux says:

    I sure do hope it isn’t Sarah Palin/Joe The Plumber. I’m not too worried – they’ll both have lots of time to make themselves look even more inept.

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