Bag of Randomness

  • After living through the Dave Campo era with three 5-11 seasons, I always considered a sixth win by the Cowboys a successful season.  It’s gotten that bad.
  • I remember in the early 90’s when the Cowboys had trouble selling out Texas Stadium and I think Kroger use to jump in and buy the remaining tickets for the public so the game can be televised locally.
  • If you are interested in bidding for a piece of Texas Stadium, here you go.  Everything, and I mean everything is up for sale.
  • I found a new TV show Sunday night that might rank 9 out of 10 on the unintentional comedy scale.  It’s basically a dance-off competition that at first I thought was an SNL or In Living Color Skit.  There’s more about the show here along with a video.
  • I watched a JFK special on PBS last night and forgot that Jim Lehrer use to work for the Dallas Times Herald.  I think it’s interesting that both he and Bob Schieffer (a Fort Worth Star Telegram product) have moderated presidential debates in the last two elections, maybe more, but that’s what I remember.  Not bad for a couple of good ‘ol boys.
  • From reading this article, I learned that Obama will be giving up his Blackberry, why presidents don’t email, and that he will most likely be the first president with a laptop.
  • You know the end of a presidency is near when there’s pardon talk.
  • Focus on the Family will have layoffs.  Link
  • An Etch-A-Sketch that draws out the time and erases itself.  Link
  • I Voted for Two – there’s more than one way to interpret that photo.
  • Ten Cars That Sank Detroit.  Link
  • Ten Cars That Could Salvage Detroit.  Link
  • If you are a fan of the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, you might like Sheldon Shirts.
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One Response to Bag of Randomness

  1. dan says:

    Especially good posts today, Keith

    As the Cowboy season sagged into the Redskins game, I also thought back to the times when corporate sponsors had to buy up tickets so the games weren’t blacked out.

    Last week the Musers were talking about the fact that from 23 to 26 Cowboy players are set for life financially, regardless of how well the team did this season. I’m not sure the players have a lot of respect for Wade; he seems to be a just a buffer between the assistants and Jerry.

    I’ve been reading a lot of about the demise of the Big Three and it strikes me they don’t have a lot of support anywhere outside of Michigan. The failure of all three seems unimaginable, especially since we are in the worst recession since World War II and yet congress and the public, in general, do not seem receptive. Back in the Eighties the British government tried to keep their biggest car manufacturer, Leland, going by approving a series of bailouts. And after burning through tens of billions of pounds (dollars) the company failed anyway. All that was left was Land Rover, which was just sold to a company in India. The compromise solution is for the Big Three to dump management along with concessions from the UAW and probably consolidation of at least two of the automakers. Good luck getting them to agree on any of that, even with their backs to the wall.

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