Bag of Randomness

  • This the the 11,223 post on BON per my admin panel.  There have been more, but I deleted some over the years for various reasons.  It appears that the president’s weekly radio address will start airing on YouTube.  Link
  • If you are interested in following the California fires, this is a pretty interesting site.  It’s full of maps and live video feeds, and sometimes you can hear some of the conversations that go on behind the scenes, and sometimes there’s nothing but silence. [Thanks, CNC!]
  • It was just a weird Saturday all around, but here are two items of note.  I have a color laserjet printer, and those toner cartridges can cost close to $90 each, and I need four of them.  In an effort to save money, I checked out one of those ink/toner refilling places.  I walk into the store with the empty ink cartridges in a bag and find that no one is at the front desk, and after about a minute the owner (as indicated by his name tag) walk out and said, “Yeah.”  I told that I was a first time customer and have empty cartridges with me and referenced my printer model.  His replay, “So what do you want.”  I then explained to him in a somewhat ticked off tone that as a customer, I would like to know my options.  Turns out they don’t refill your cartridges, you simply exchange them.  I probably didn’t tell the story as well as I would have liked, it was one of those you had to be there kind of moments, but it was so surreal that I thought I was on one of those hidden camera shows.  But in the end I got my cartridges for $55 a piece and left on good terms with the owner.
  • The second weird thing that happened at Jason’s Deli.  I was eating there with a lot of friends in there was this young couple that sat in a booth, but both had to sit on the same side.  That always annoys me, but after their dinner all they did was make out . . . like big time, and like for a very long time.  Once again I thought I was on one of those hidden camera shows.
  • Oh, and when I got in my car on Saturday the odometer read 66666.
  • Anti-fur lady dumped an entire bag of flour on Lindsay Lohan.  Link
  • I thought this was an odd interview with Karl Rove.
  • I heard Wanda Sykes is gay, I had no idea.
  • Bad weather football games are fun to watch.
  • Ties in the NFL are just weird.
  • While watching the Arizona vs Seattle game I saw someone in the stands wearing a Cleveland Browns jersey.
  • The new Pink song gets easily stuck in my wife’s head.
  • While watching the Cowboys yesterday, Tony Romo wore a hat that WifeGeeding and I debated about.  Basically, we were trying to figure out if it was a newsboy cap or a flat cap.
  • I think it would be fun to jump from a waterfall.  Video
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  1. Andy Box says:

    Guess I just lost my husband
    I don’t know where he went

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