Bag of Randomness

  • This article/interview with CNN made me a little bit more sympathetic towards W.  In it he’s a bit reflective about his time in office and admits he regrets some of the things he said as well as that Misssion Accomplished banner.  I was never offended at the “wanted dead or alive” quote.  I also thought it was a bit interesting that he called President Clinton before the Obama visit to get some advice on how to welcome the next incoming president.
  • I think Clinton was the first president I really kept tabs on regarding the news and stuff, I guess that’s because I was just becoming a young adult and that’s the phase you start to pay attention to things of this nature.  I use to get upset when the news referred to him as Mr. Clinton, and thought it was a swipe at him by not using the President salutation.  Then the other night on the local news, there’s this segment called Viewers Voice, and one viewer thought the news was doing the same thing towards President Bush by calling him Mr. Bush.  The news dude then stated that proper or standard protocol is that the first mention of the president is when the presidential title is used, and evertime there after is when Mr is used.  And now I know.
  • Be careful what you wish for.  I was upset that Palin never talked to the press during the campaign, now she’s everywhere.
  • When ordering something and there isn’t a hurry in it’s delivery, it’s fun to track it online.
  • I’m sure this happens with both campaigns, but here’s a story of office equipment from the Obama campaign being donated in Pittsburgh.  The article states that 200 campaign offices in ten states are involved in this program.
  • A seven-year-old blogger received a letter from Obama.  Link
  • If you are interested in celebrity feet, I have a website for you.  Link
  • When I use to have to hand customers cash in jobs I held way back when, I always made sure to hand the bills back all facing the same way and all right side up.  That’s something my father taught me, when putting cash in my wallet have all the bills face the same direction.  I don’t think I’ve been handed money back in which the bills face all the same direction and right side up in quite a while.
  • An interesting way to read African-American history.  Link
  • Bacon of the Month Club just $12.50 a month.  Link [Thanks, John!]
  • I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a big fan of our NBC affiliate’s newscast, and that Mike Snyder isn’t my cup of tea.  A couple of months ago he started to blog about his weight, so I decided to check out his blog to see if he made any progress.  I didn’t find anything about his weight loss, but the first two posts describe the heart attack and double by-pass surgery his 37-year-old wife had.  Wow, best of luck to him, his wife, and their two young girls.  Link
  • SNL is adding two women this week.  Link
  • This article talks about the changes the Obamas will soon expect, along with a bit of history from other presidents.
  • The Boston Globe always has great photo essays.  This one of our troops in Afghanistan is worth taking a look at.
  • So that’s the meaning behind lame duck.
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Kevin says:

    When I worked in retail I was taught to always hand the change back facing the same way. We also counted down the registers and handed in our till bags the saem way. At least I did because I was friends with the girl who counted the money. I always noticed the younger employees just didn’t care about facing money the same way. Slackers!

  2. Chris says:

    Same way with my money, I waited tables for years in college and would do that and to this day I still have to have it all straight and folded nicely. Actually typing that made me realize what a weird habit/idiosyncrasy that it.

  3. dan says:

    1) Keith, thanks for the research on Mike Snyder. I recall that a few months ago he was ballyhooing a new diet that he was starting on and that he promised to update viewers with his progress. He must have given up right after that…doesn’t look like he’s lost any weight at all. Interesting about his wife; I don’t watch the newscast on a regular basis and so I don’t know if he’s ever brought up her brush with death. After she recovers, I’m sure NBC5 will do a multi-part series on her medical condition similar to what they did with Finfrock when he was suffering from allergies.
    2) I’m REALLY getting tired of the Palin interviews. She’s obviously enjoyed being in the spotlight and it doesn’t look like she plans on leaving it any time soon. I think her best bet would be to go back and be a good governor, while brushing up geography and economics. In another twist, according to the news this evening, Stevens may not be re-elected to senator after all.
    3) My dad grew up during the Great Depression and he was always organizing his bills in his wallet by denomination and same side forward. It may have had something to do with not wanting to lose any of his hard earned money by having a twenty mixed in with a bunch of ones when he was in a hurry purchasing something.

  4. Chris says:

    i feel the same way about dollar bills facing the same way. my parents owned a convenience store for years, and maybe it was ingrained into me to always “face” my money (turn it the same way). my friends even make fun of me for it.
    working at my parents store, i was ALSO taught that when hanging a customer back change, it’s less awkward to give the change/coins back first, then the dollar bills on top, so the customer can close their fingers around the coins and grip them. and now every time a cashier gives me back my coins on top of the bills and they slide off onto the floor by my feet, i want to teach them how to be proper!

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