Bag of Randomness

  • I should have used generatus when I was using Twitter.  If you can’t think of anything to update your account with, it will do it for you in a quirky fashion.
  • After the Baylor noose and sign burning incident, this Baptist from Ethics Daily states that Baptists have to make strides in regards to race relations.
  • When I was a kid reading was uncool, so the Harry Potter phenomenon was quite fascinating to me.  Now there is a book series called Twilight that is all the rage with teenage girls and deals with vampires.  I’m sure evangelical parents are trying to find a substitute for each, I remember how upset they were over the Smurfs and their black magic.
  • Google is tracking flu trends.  Link
  • These ladies are stuck in the past.  Link
  • Looking for a side dish?  How about broccoli and Cheetos.
  • America’s healthiest grocery stores.  Link
  • I thought I was the only one annoyed by the Toyota commercials that has that “Saved By Zero” jingle, but there appears to be a big backlash over the campaign.
  • I’m still surprised that Sarah Palin is still in the news.
  • Tuesdays are a slow TV night, I should make that a reading night.
  • I’m totally not interested in the Mavs.
  • Same goes for the Stars.
  • The Cowboys aren’t too far behind.
  • When I got home I noticed there was a vile test tube looking thingy on all our neighborhood doors for a complimentary water test.  I looked up the company and it appears this is their attempt to get our info to sell us a water filtration system.  We ain’t falling for it.
  • I think everytime I see Snoopy I smile.
  • My favorite pizza, and this is probably a  sin for real pizza lovers, is a thin crust peperoni cooked well done from Dominos.
  • I don’t know how she does it, but WifeGeeding gets more beautiful inside and out every day I know her.
  • There are a lot of you I would like to meet in person.
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8 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. cadmonkey says:

    I have been in your neck of the woods recently (Grapevine Mills Mall). I must admit, every half-asian I saw made me do a double take to see if it was you (except the females of course). My wife is also a teacher, and she tells some pretty funny stories about the students.

  2. MamaToots says:

    I know how WG gets that way…………….and so do you!

  3. Cowtown Doug says:

    Our local teams are “strugggling”.

  4. Kevin says:

    I always smile when I see Snoppy too. I’m a Peanuts fan!

  5. Brent says:

    You know, I definitely do not condone the Baylor events, but I think it is naive to think that all students at Baylor hold to the same Baptist values and beliefs. It is unfortunate that all Baptists will be tarnished with this, when it would not surprise me if the students involved were hardly Christians at all. I suppose that is what Baylor is left with when it bills itself as a “Baptist University” though. I didn’t attend Baylor, so am I wrong in this thought?

  6. Chris says:

    Impossible to met me since I only exist on the internet.

  7. Brooks says:

    Dude, thin crust peperoni!!! The best!!

  8. hot_bananas says:

    snoopy rocks! i always watch their holiday videos during the appropriate time of the year.

    i agree about how great it is to see kids enjoy reading. coming from a geek like i – i used to read books like it was my job.

    that’s so awesome that you see wifeGeeding the way you do – and you know the reason why. i wish you both a verrrrry loooong and happy marriage.

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