Bag of Randomness

  • For you fellow presidential history buffs, here’s an interesting chart that details events of the first 100 days of a presidents term starting with FDR.
  • So you like charts, but don’t like presidential history.  How about an interactive cereal chart?
  • Goodwill is waiting for Sarah Palin’s clothing donation.  Link
  • Speaking of which, she is sorting through her clothes.
  • This article states the following about evangelicals that caught my attention:
    • Evangelicals represent just one out of every six born again adults.
    • 7% of the national population of adults are evangelicals
    • Two-thirds of evangelicals are aligned with the GOP
    • 1 out of 5 are Democrats
    • And then there was this nugget: Most remarkably, however, was the overwhelming support registered among evangelicals for Republican candidate John McCain. In total, 88% voted for Sen. McCain, compared to just 11% for Sen. Obama. The 88% is statistically identical to the 85% of evangelicals who backed George W. Bush in 2004.
  • Spam gets 1 response per 12,500,000 emails  Link
  • I will never eat at Masa [Wikipedia] on my own dime.  Link I’m just not much of a sushi eater.
  • The concept of HugeURL cracks me up.
  • I think some of my friends don’t know me very well since some of them send me a lot of negative stuff about Democrats.  I can deal with that, and they probably just don’t know here I stand politically.  But I would think some of them would know me well enough to know I would not appreciate Obama jokes that include a black man knocking on a door and presidential assassination references.  Just tasteless.
  • I had to get some of my medical records yesterday and saw that my doctor posted something in his waiting room that listed the dangers of Obama.
  • Locally, and not just stuff that is reported on the news, I hear of a lot of fear of the Obama presidency.  Such is life in a red state I guess.  A lot of what I hear is coming from children, and I’m pretty sure I know where they are getting their information.
  • If there is a lot of fear here in North Texas over Obama, I wonder what the mood is like in the Deep South.
  • I finally finished that Newsweek article Secrets of the 2008 Campaign.  Absolutely fascinating.  You’ll learn a lot of inside stuff.  It’s like a little book.  There are seven chapters, and the chapters range from five to eight pages.
  • It turns out that the Little Shop of Horrors has five alternate endings, I can’t remember the original one.
  • Microsoft is already working on the next version of Windows, here are 10 things to look forward to.
  • Hot dog!
  • And even more hot dogs.  Link
  • Tennessee WIlliams died by bottle cap?  Link
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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. P1 JW says:

    Locally, and not just stuff that is reported on the news, I hear of a lot of fear of the Obama presidency. Such is life in a red state I guess. A lot of what I hear is coming from children, and I’m pretty sure I know where they are getting their information.

    It’s inherent in ALL human nature to saddle offspring with values and beliefs no matter how wacky, superstitious, or abhorent they seem to others.

    Children would believe their parents are descendants of Zeus if they hammered into their heads enough. They’re sponges and operate on fear and words from authority.

    And if the values and beliefs are perpetuated by a large enough group for the rest of their lives…they find solace in THEIR political system because that’s JUST THE WAY IT IS!

  2. Rev. Hart says:

    It’s interesting that you hear “fear” about Obama from adults and children in TX. Here in NYC, all I hear is joy. In fact, just this morning, I did my weekly Tuesday Bible study with 8 middle schoolers from an elite private school uptown. I had them write down something that gives them hope. (It was a Bible study, I wasn’t even thinking about the political scene–but they were!). 7 out of 8 of them wrote “Barack Obama” to answer that question. I asked why Barack gives them hope, and they answered with things like “because we don’t have to be afraid of the country getting any more messed up” and “he’s gonna fix things.” I think if these kids met the TX kids you describe here, they would be very confused about the fact that they “fear” Barack Obama!

  3. BSG says:

    The Obama fear is, uh, frightening. I’ll continue to say it: People are crazy.

    And I’ve got that Newsweek issue next to my favorite chair at home. I glanced at it and thought the same thing as you – it is a little book.

  4. blurdo says:

    I’m don’t hear too much of the crazy fear stuff here in Atlanta, but my friends out in the suburbs and the country say they hear a lot of it. Just amazing…. Hopefully, all of these nuts will chill out after a few months.

  5. hot_bananas says:

    it’s really sad, that afterall these modern innovation that has been invented, men going to the moon, living in the new millennium… ignorance and hatred still lingers and it gets passed onto the young minds. why can’t we all just get along?

  6. hot_bananas says:

    by the way, i looked at the MASA website from your link – they not only have sushi – they have UDON and YAKISOBA. those are good japanese noodles with beef, chicken or seafood toppings with veggies. yes, those dishes are cooked.

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