Bag of Randomness

  • Tis the season . . . It annoys WifeGeeding when the Christmas displays come out too early.  So when she was gone this weekend I decided to put up the tree and decorate the rest of the house.  You only tease the ones you love. 😉
  • I spent most of Saturday afternoon talking to Bible Scholar George, who is also a recovering Baptist.  It’s was great being able to talk about theology at a very deep level for several hours.  He’s also a Republican, so we also had to talk politics.  Even though we differ in opinions, it’s great to talk about things civilly.
  • When I worked at Fidelity (who just announced layoffs btw) I often had to have conference calls with India.  It’s always interesting dealing with another country, because you have to inform each other of upcoming national holidays.  I was reminded of this as I was on a conference call with the friendly Canadians of West Jet just the other day.  We had to let them know about our Thanksgiving, which is on a different day than their Thanksgiving.
  • It’s fun listening to Canadians talk, and I bet they enjoy listening to our southern drawl as well.  They did seem a bit envious of our 70 degree weather.
  • What happens to the McCain-Palin plane after the election.  Link
  • An interesting article on the future and past presidential limos.  Link
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about presidential transitions.  Link
  • BIlly Graham is no longer counseling presidents . . . but will pray for the new guy.  Link This article also mentioned that he’s a registered Democrat.
  • I saw a news story last night where an Arlington, TX man is so upset over the outcome of the election that he is flying a black flag with an upside-down American flag underneath it.  Part of me wants to say get over it, and part of me is delighted he is exercising his first amendment right even though I disagree with the message.  Yea democracy!
  • There was also a story of FBC Dallas’ anti-gay sermon with protesters.  Both sides probably tire of each other, but once again it’s great having free speech.
  • I’m surprised by the amount of emails that are forwarded to me that are so over the top in believability.  They range from a Billy Graham prayer to the bashing of Clinton.  I don’t know why people feel so compelled to forward them to me, and I’m surprised they don’t take the time to see if the message has any validity.  Often I’ll look up the subject matter on and reply back with the link that disputes the message.
  • Speaking of Snopes, I had to look up if RFK was somewhat prophetic saying a black man could be president in the next 40 years.  Link
  • You’ve heard of wedding albums, how about a divorce album?  Link
  • How to remove a McCain bumper sticker, although I’m pretty sure it will work for all bumper stickers.  Link
  • Interesting new YouTube features.  Link
  • Sundays are weird when your football team doesn’t play.
  • There aren’t as many Peyton Manning commercials as there use to be.
  • Brothers don’t shake hands, brothers gotta hug.
  • I wonder how many folks get that last movie quote.
  • I did see a funny Big 10 football coaches commercial that made me laugh.  It’s Joe Pa at the end that cracked me up.  Video You just gotta love an old guy with spirit.
  • Photogallery – Presidential children through the years.  Link
  • Pictures of presidents on their first and last day in office.  Link This stuff always interests me.  I can’t decide if they are at a particular stage in life where the aging process is more noticeable, or if its the stress of the job that causes the rapid aging.  It’s probably a combination of the two.
  • Do they still have World Fairs?  I always hear certain cities of the past hosting them, but I don’t recall hearing of any in my lifetime.  Are they as big as they use to be?
  • My dad has been dead for over ten years now, but every now and then I will catch myself saying one of his old catch phrases.  Recently I said something was as dry as a popcorn fart.
  • The evolution of Al Pacino’s voice.  Link
  • Build your own hover shoes?  YouTube
  • An interesting interactive map comparing the 2004 and 2008 elections.  Link
  • Fire ants create their own lifeboat.  YouTube I’m impressed.
  • Peas are my favorite vegetable.
  • I thought a Spirograph was a fun toy.
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Kevin says:

    I love the Big 10 commercial, but today I loathe the conference’s football standing. I hate Iowa, but I guess a shot at the Rose Bowl is still somewhat cool, right?

  2. Dave says:

    I get the movie quote, funny story related: I work with a woman who not only had never seen Tommy Boy, but she didn’t even know who Chris Farley was. After I got over my shock, I recommended that she see the movie. She saw it over a weekend, and came back and told me that the movie was way too sad for her to think it was funny! I was shocked.

    Need a little wind here!!

  3. Rev. Hart says:

    The original “divorce album” was Bob Dylan’s Blood On The Tracks.

  4. dan says:

    1) Presidential Transitions: One of the interesting items is that the new president picks his desk from an inventory of former presidential desks. One of the desks listed as an option is the desk that was central to the movie “National Treasure 2”.
    2) Faces of the Presidents. Most of the presidents listed served for eight years so it’s natural they would noticeably and visibly age at that point in their lives. FDR was in the White House for sixteen years and was near death when the photo was taken. Wilson suffered a stroke at the end of his term. Still, I can’t comprehend why John McCain, after all he went through in his life and given the fact that he is independently wealthy, would want to spend the last best years of his life suffering through eight grueling years running the country

  5. k says:

    My dad has been dead for 20 years now- (he was murdered) and when I’m in my sisters house for holidays which is the same one we grew up in and where we lived when he died, sometimes I still hear the door closing on his old raggedy Ford Wagon meaning he’s home from work and we can eat or open presents or whatever.

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