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  • It was a busy night last night, so I had to Tivo all the election coverage.  I’m avoiding the radio, TV, all social groups and the Internet right now so I can watch the event at home later this evening.  Please don’t spoil it for me.
  • Funny thing is, I have a friend that likes to roll the dice and do the above scenario with sporting events.  Sometimes he gets lucky.
  • NBC started their election coverage with a small mention of Tim Russert.  Classy.  Edit:  They also a few more mentions of him throughout the evening.  If only he had the opportunity to interview Palin.
  • I don’t like how our ABC affiliate is covering the election thus far.  They have the local election stuff on the bottom of the screen covering up all the data Charlie Gibson’s crew is trying to display.  And it’s worth mentioning the interative map Charlie and George are trying to use isn’t really working for them.  Edit: They seemed to have correted the issue.
  • However, their virtual reality rooms just looked ridiculous.
  • I saw the hologram interview on CNN.  It was just weird.
  • It was Bob Schieffer’s last time to cover an election.  I’m sentimentally sad.  But I think he said it best when he told the story that in his lifetime he could not attend school with any blacks and to see how far this country has come is simply amazing.
  • It was touching to see the black news correspondents choke up.
  • Concession speeches intrigue me.  Andy Rooney actually had a good take on them.  Link
  • McCain in defeat was classy.  But did you hear the music as he left the stage?  I wish I could recall the soundtrack, I want to say it was the score from The Hunt for Red October?
  • For those who have the losing candidate’s bumper sticker on their vehicle, I wonder when they will feel compelled to take it off.
  • “I Voted” stickers were quite the fashion statement.
  • Predition:  Bobby Jindal will head the Republican ticket in 2012.  If a first term black senator (just think, four years ago he was still a state senator) with a name that sounds similar to a terrorist along with a middle name of Hussein can become president, just about anything can happen.
  • Seriously, can’t we move election day to a Saturday.  There’s no need to make it a holiday.
  • First time voting story caught my attention:  At breakfast, I sat next to a table of four black students, all of whom had voted. The three men were wearing ties. I asked them why. The answer: It was their first election, and they wanted to mark the occasion.  Link
  • It’s amazing how much both candidates seperated themselves from the current president.  In modern politics I wonder if there is anything comparable.  I know Gore distanced himself from Clinton a bit, but Clinton did still go out and campaign for him.
  • When I lived with my parents about 15 years ago CNN was on channell eleven.  For some reason when I want to check out CNN I still enter 11 on the remote, and 26 for ESPN.
  • Did you know the name Maverick is of Texas origin?  Terrellia Maverick of San Antonio will tell you all about it.  Link
  • But hey, the other Mavericks won in San Antonio.  Link
  • sure does some funny stuff, especially when they get real legit actors to reprise their old roles.  This clip has Billy Dee Williams playing Lando Calrissian running for office.
  • It’s amazing how adults can still hold a grudge for almost a week even after two apologies.
  • This guy makes it hard to shoot a free throw.
  • I found this article on geothermal energy interesting, in particular, this graphic.
  • The United States have four states that are commonwealths, can you name the four?  Link
  • Do you remember that sitcom in the 80’s with John Ritter, Markie Post, and Billie Bob Thornton?  Yeah, me either (or is it neither?).  Link
  • I saw the Dallas Stars take off the other day.
  • I a commercial for a new Nixon movie.  For some reason I find it interesting that the guy that plays Nixon played the bad guy in Dave.
  • A lot of people can name the month/day/year of important events in their lives, I’m not one of them.
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  1. dan says:

    1) Geothermal energy as described in the article is a no-brainer. I don’t see a downside from what I read. It maybe hard to reach, but once its located a driller is sitting on an endless supply of free, clean energy.
    2) The CNN hologram with the rap singer was really stupid…it turned a serious moment of the election, declaring Obama the winner, into silliness. They should have stuck to the election results instead testing electronic gimmickry and promoting some rap singer’s career.
    3) It goes back a ways, but I don’t think that Eisenhower helped Nixon at all when he ran for president against Kennedy in 1960. I’m guessing Eisenhower and Nixon rarely spoke during the eight years Ike was in the White House.

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