What happens to your web stuff when you die?

Technology can do many wonderful things, but sadly it can’t stop the Grim Reaper – so what happens to your web posts when you die? Will your photos, blogs and websites still be around for your grandchildren to read, or will your online presence disappear when you do?

The law is clear enough, as Struan Robertson, Legal Director with Pinsent Masons and Editor of OUT-LAW.com explains. “You can bequeath your copyright to others,” he says. “So I can say in my will that I’m leaving all my rights in my photographs or website to a friend. If I don’t do that, the copyright will belong to my estate – and in most cases it will survive for 70 years after my death.”

Your estate may own the copyright, but that doesn’t mean your stuff will stay online. “In most cases contracts will terminate with your death,” Robertson says, “although it can depend on the terms of the contract.”

Read the full article here and find out about Facebook and Flickr after death.

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