Red River Rivalry – Southwest Airlines Style

It’s one of Dallas’ greatest events, the Red River Rivalry.  It’s also known as Texas-OU, or OU-Texas Weekend depending on who you talk to.

In short, the University of Texas and University of Oklahoma travel halfway to Dallas to play each other in football at the Cotton Bowl during the Texas State Fair.  It’s a fantastic atmosphere, and it’s a tradition I hope Dallas can hold on to.  I believe this is year 103 of the event.

To join in on the Fun, Southwest Airlines holds a plane pull competition between the two schools.  The people doing the pulling are all Southwest Employees, but the mascots and cheerleaders from both schools make an appearance.  So what’s a plane pull?  Basically a team of nine pulls an 83,000-pound Boeing 737 a total of 50 yards, and the fastest time wins.  It takes each team around 40 seconds to complete the task, and this year’s winner happens to be from that state immediately north of Texas.

I was lucky enough to attend the event, and you can see the pictures I snapped below in the slideshow, or view larger and more detailed picks from my Flickr page.

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  2. carolyn says:

    I do so Southwest! They are the smartest in the business proven by all their marketing and corporate finance strategies. Icing on the cake — they hired you, right?

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