Made My Day

It was a regular old ho-hum Monday at work until I got a phone call from someone in the Executive Offices telling me a delivery was on its way.  Turns out it was a letter from Southwest Airlines President Emeritus, and one of my business heroes whom I had the pleasure of studying quite a bit in business school, Colleen Barrett.  She also happens to be one of Forbes’ Most Powerful Women in Business,

She was kind enough to show me some LUV and compliment me on my post on the company’s blog, Nuts About Southwest.

I decided to scan the letter to share with you.  Feel free to read the pdf here.

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3 Responses to Made My Day

  1. dan says:

    “Give me a ring”?
    “Give me a ring”??

    Next week you’ll be having lunch with the executive suits!

    You’re in, my man

  2. sister says:

    xoxo huh? that floozy!!! 😉

  3. jonathan says:

    I’m more amazed by the sending of paper memo’s. Weird, huh?

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