Halloween Pictures from Work

My first Halloween at Southwest was a very memorable one.  You can view the pictures below, I tried to get a variety of costumes I saw and from the performances as well.  Some of the pictures are a bit blurry, but I think they will give you idea of the overall event.

Some of the costumes that caught my attention were  Magnum P.I., 80’s John McEnroe, Clark Kent wearing a suit with an open shirt revealing a Superman logo, Richard Simmons, and Underdog.  I saw a couple dressed as Raggity Ann and Andy and I told WifeGeeding there’s no way in H.E. double hockey sticks we’ll ever be doing that.  There was also a brother and sister that cracked me up, he was a Dallas Cowboys football player and she was a Washington Redskins cheerleader.  The two most common costumes . . . Joe the Plumber and The Joker from Batman.

One of the big things to look for on Halloween is to see what our CEO is dressed as.  He’s dressed pretty impressively over the years, but this year he was part of a ZZ Top trio, and DallasNews has a small video of it here.  WifeGeeding and I were actually lucky enough to sit directly behind him for the first performance, and funny enough, the Executive Director who was also part of the ZZ Top crew reached out to WifeGeeding.  It turns out the Executive Director had a child in one of WifeGeeding’s classes a few years back.

Oh, what did we decide to dress up as?  Barney and Betty Rubble.

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4 Responses to Halloween Pictures from Work

  1. Melissa says:

    Great costumes! you and the wife are quite impressive!

  2. jonathan says:

    I am entirely uncomfortable with the image of your knees.

  3. Tammy says:

    You both look great!!

  4. hot_bananas says:

    you guys look awesome! that’s so great to have a halloween party at work. too bad, they don’t do that hier in Germany. it’s so cool that the CEO gets so much into it, too.

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