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  • GoogleMaps and voter info, just enter your address.  Link
  • I wasn’t aware that the name of each of the continents begins and concludes with the exact same letter? Asia – Europe – Africa – America (North and South) – Antarctica – Australia.
  • I’ve seen Deion Sanders advertise for Drivers Select for a while now, but about two or three weeks ago I noticed that Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones has joined him on that billboard.
  • Tina Fey’s secret is out, she glues here ears.  Link
  • Another Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors thought – I always make it a point to read the spooky names in the opening credits even though I have no idea who most of those folks are.
  • My favorite is their adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven.
  • Did you know the first Treehouse of Horrors started back in 1990.  Thanks Wikipedia
  • I think it’s even crazier that 1990 was 18 friggin’ years ago.
  • I think Cambell Brown of CNN is an attractive women, which I why I don’t understand why CNN displays an overly touched up photo of her when she does her commentaries.
  • The only reason Obama appears to be ahead in the polls is because of hypnosis.  Link
  • And now a link for you McCain fans – make your own McCain logo here.  I even made my own McCain sign.
  • His brother called 911 to complain about traffic?  Link
  • Venus Flytraps are not planted in the White House gardens.  Link
  • Abandoned futuristic houses in Taiwan.  Link
  • The first ever picture on the Internet.  Link
  • Oh, I had a few inquiries on my theological epiphany that I referenced earlier this week.  I was going to make a separate post about it but realized I could easily sum it all up, and it may just be something that is already glaringly obvious to others.  I thought Evangelicals and Protestants were an interchangeable term, but it turns out I was totally wrong.  Now I know all Christians are called to “evangelize” but I’m referring to the classification or group of people called Evangelicals.  Protestants, from my understanding can be classified either as Evangelical or Mainline Protestant.  Evangelicals are more conservative regarding theology (and politically) and Mainline Protestants are more liberal in that sense.  I’m super paraphrasing here, but that’s the gist of my epiphany.  All of this started when I read an article that mentioned that Methodists are not Evangelicals (which of course I thought otherwise at the time), which lead me to research the topic and consult with some of my pastoral friends which lead me to a Wikipedia article where the epiphony hit me.  The last paragraph of this section of the article helped clear it up for me as it clarifies a few denominations and where they fit.  I guess In the grand scheme of things classification doesn’t matter, but for me I realized I was a Mainline Protestant and never knew it, and have nothing to be ashamed about regarding my theological views as I’ve been previously told.  This square peg has been trying to fit into a round hole for way too long now.
  • I think it’s funny I started that last point with “I could easily sum it all up.”  It got a little lengthy.  At one point I was going to stop and just create a separate post, but I was on a roll and press for time to do such a thing.
  • I wouldn’t be surprised my readers who are either Biblical scholars or in the ministry will leave a comment or two on this subject matter.
  • Free Dr Pepper thanks to Guns and Roses.  Link
  • When you Photoshop, don’t forget the reflection.  Link
  • 13 Favorite ‘Same Character, Different Actor’ Switcheroos.  Link
  • Rare American bird touches down in England ‘for first time’… and then gets run over and killed by car  Link
  • It cracks me up when females refer to their female friends as girlfriends.  I have never heard of a guy refer to another dude as a boyfriend in conversation.
  • With that said . . . it appears that my blogfriend Kevin from Philadelphia is stuck in a bit of a conundrum.  You will see in the title of his blog that he states, “Blogging until a championship . . .”  The world waits to see what happens should the Phillies win the World Series.
  • There must have been a demand for a video website like YouTube just for tractors.  YouTractor
  • I get a kick out of some of the names people use when leaving a comment.
  • The local news are touting all their ‘local’ Emmys as of late.  I guess they are directly related to the real Emmys, but with every station touting their awards they must not be too hard to get.  Even Gordon Keith got one for his show on WFAA.
  • I wonder if my daily readers read from the top post down, or do they scroll down and read up from the last post they read.
  • I had some interesting communication regarding the whole shoe resoling.  Other than cowboys around here, I think it’s an income and generational thing.  Thankfully with my current dress code policy I don’t have to worry about nice dress shoes for a while.  However, I think I want to examine a pair of shoes that could be resoled, and would like to know a price of those kind of shoes.  Can any dress shoe be resoled?
  • I’ve never been much of a biscuit fan, but I love me some rolls.
  • My second to last college roommate is 5 feet tall on a good day.
  • I use to be able to do a ‘clean twist’ of an Oreo cookie, but not anymore.  I don’t think it’s me, I think the cookie is different.  But I can do a ‘clean twist’ off a Double Stuff Oreo.
  • I love me some SNL on Thursday nights – they really bring their A game, and it’s cool to see SNL Alumni come back for a skit or two.  Will Farrell came back as George W last night and endorsed McCain in case you missed it.
  • At this particular moment I see I actually had 18 comments on a post yesterday in response to my question.  It good to know I have at least 18 visitors. 😉
  • Cowboys will win on Sunday, I’m wearing my lucky Staubach shirt today.
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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Kevin says:

    Personally I a get the feed of BagofNothing in my Google Reader so I view the posts as my reader refreshes. But if I were to visit the site I would read from top down.

    As for my blog, who knows. I'll give it more thought if the Phillies come out strong in games 3-5.

  2. Tammy says:

    I read top to bottom.

  3. sister says:

    McCain Logo… NICE!


  4. Melissa says:

    the hypnosis thing…kind of creepy…if you think about it in a horror movie kind of way…like “what if it’s true…what if we become trapped in a world of mind control…ACCCCCCCCCCK”

    as soon as i read “easily sum it all up” i knew your next comment would be about the length of the previous comment.

    is it wrong i laughed when i read about the bird?

    i read your blog from the top down…however i usually read a magazine (or catalog) from the back to the front.

    i like thursday night SNL too…because after all these years weekend update is still the very best part of SNL…and yes, i remember the very first weekend updates from the beginning “jane, you ignorant slut”…the shark at the door…

    okay…i’m rambling…

    have you ever had a biscuit from Chick-fil-A? they are good.

  5. Chris says:

    as a (pretty much) daily reader, i read from top to bottom. though theres always a slight “aww.” feeling when i come to the one from the previous day that i’ve already read.

  6. dan says:

    1) The SNL skits have to be infuriating the McCain campaign. Now that SNL is on both Saturdays and Thursdays, there are a multitude of skits lampooning both McCain and Palin. Most of the satire directed against Obama center only on his clipped speaking style, while the ones targeting McCain focus on senility and crankiness, as well as Palin’s perceived empty-headedness. To make matters worse, both MSNBC and CNN keep repeating portions of the skits throughout the day on their news programs. The Will Ferrell skit in which he played George Bush reminding voters a vote for McCain was a vote for Bush was re-played on CNN and MSNBC numerous times the following day.
    2) If you can guarantee a Cowboy win by wearing a Staubach jersey, Wade Phillips and Jerry Jones will be wearing them next Sunday in New York.

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