Bag of Randomness

  • Joe the Plumber is the most famous person in America.  If he isn’t referenced in an SNL skit something is wrong with this country.  But who would win in an arm wresting contest, Joe Six Pack or Joe the Plumber?
  • In case you didn’t get a chance to see the Obama and Joe the Plumber conversation that was such the hot topic of the debate, you can watch it here.
  • I wish I would have heard of Current TV and Twitter’s idea of having live comments come in from viewers during the live debate two debates ago.  It’s still like putting lipstick on a pig, but it made the debate much more interesting to watch.  If they do this four years from now, there’s no way I’m watching the debate on another channel.
  • Bob Schieffer is retiring after the election, he’s the one Texan in Washington that I’m going to miss.
  • Obama haircut.  Link
  • Obama may be leading in the polls, but I wouldn’t be surprised if McCain wins.  Liberals are more vocal so I think they are heard more than Conservatives, and I have a feeling the young registered voters that make up so much of Obama’s base will simply stay in their dorms and play Halo and Madden come election day.
  • Japan holds most of our debt, not China.  Link
  • The Cowboys lead the league in players named Roy Williams.
  • Tony Romo was throwing passes yesterday . . . isn’t that the last thing he should be doing?
  • What TV characters would make in real life.  Link
  • I use to shave everyday, but now it’s every other day.
  • Everytime I hear that Dick Cheney has a heart problem I’m still surprised to know he actually has a heart.
  • I’ve been a part of churches that sponsors those Hell Houses you see every Halloween season.  Basically, it’s a Christian haunted house that shows you how the devil is at play and at the end the message of salvation is presented.  I don’t like the idea of trying to scare people to Christ, at least I think that is the message that is usually communicated, although I guess I can appreciate the effort of evangelizing.
  • From my experience, the people that usually go to a Hell House are already saved, but go to support the event.
  • I remember one Christian friend of mine going through the salvation message at the end because he just wanted to make sure it was presented correctly.  Another friend of mine use to say that guy was part of the Salvation Patrol.
  • One year I overheard several people after the event say they filled out a “I got saved card” to make event organizers feel better for putting so much effort into the event although they didn’t feel it was convincing, or that they made the decision to follow Christ.
  • A lot of those scenes are grossly exaggerated, but as I said, I appreciate the intent.
  • I like the idea of a Fall Festival much better.
  • I have friends that refuse to dress up and take part in any Hallaween party because that would be supporting the Devil’s holiday, but feel comfortable dressing up and going to a church event because that is totally different.
  • I’m tempted to drive to Hot Springs, Arkansas and stay at The Arlington for a weekend getaway.
  • There’s a connection between my hometown and that hotel.
  • That would be about a five hour car drive.  I think I would enjoy seeing all the fall foliage.
  • Or we could fly into Little Rock for about $69 one way and drive an hour.
  • Now that I think about it, I would like to spend a day in Hot Springs, a day in Little Rock, and drive to the mecca that is Graceland.
  • In case you are wondering, I don’t get flight privileges as a contractor.
  • I always get a kick out of typing Arkansas, because it’s just Kansas with Ar in front of it.  Thanks to Wikipedia, I have an explanation for that.
  • The latest NFL stadium rankings.  Link
  • The answer is Beyonce.  Link
  • I got in a long conversation about Presidential salaries which caused me to do all sorts of research.
  • Here is a list of historical salaries of U.S. presidents.  Washington earned $25,000 in 1789, that’s over $300,000 calculated for today.
  • This Senate document will tell you everything you need to know regarding the retired president’s salary.
  • That whole conversation started when we were trying to find out what widowed former first ladies received as a salary.  In short, they get $20,000 (plus mail privileges) if they refuse any other government pension.  That document above will give you the details.  Lady Bird was the last to receive this. Mrs Ford is accepting her husband’s congressional pension that is around $65,000 a year.
  • God and beer fest article.  Link
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. dan says:

    1) My wife and I drove to Hot Springs a few years ago and stayed at the Arlington for a couple days. Hot Springs is a really beautiful area with several nearby lakes. One of them had a boat tour that took a couple of hours to complete. We had a nice room at the Arlington. We were happy with our room, but the hotel is very old and areas of the hotel could use updating. There is a scenic drive near the downtown that took about an hour or so to complete. I think we were the only car on it the day we went sightseeing. It was beautiful and would be nice be exceptional during the Fall. Overall, we liked the old fashioned downtown and the beauty of the area. The city, however, appeared to be struggling economically.
    2) I read today that Joe the Plumber may be getting his own cable call-in talk show.
    3) The headline in today’s Onion is: “Tony Womo Out Three to Four Weeks with Bwoken Widdle Fingey”.
    4) Haunted Hell House: when is God just going to kill Satan and let the world function without temptation?
    5) Reading the stadium rankings: the St. Louis fans are really not happy about anything
    6) How does TV detective Olivia Benson survive in NYC making $58,260 a year?
    7) That’s a really sobering drop-off in benefits for a president’s widow

  2. Un-Joe says:

    The video of Joe the Plumber talking with Obama illustrates to me how little Joe understands about business and tax law.

    If “Joe’s Plumbing” can make enough in revenues to pay all his wages and business expenses (which are tax deductible, BTW) and STILL clears more than $250K in profit, then, I am sorry Joe but I agree with Obama that you need to pay 3% more (39% vs 36%) in taxes on the amount over $250K.

  3. MamaToots says:

    I stayed at the Arlington some years back………and was disappointed in the condition. It was OLD, not just historic!

    The countryside is beautiful and the history of the town is interesting, but I would suggest visiting the Arlington and sleeping elsewhere!

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