Bag of Randomness

  • This will be the only post today, Geeding is busy, busy, busy.
  • Bacon taped to cat.  Link
  • Dog saves a life using CPR.  Link
  • Remember Garbage Pail Kid?  Well, here’s a the Gov Palin version.
  • Here’s a blog about old high school notes.
  • Vote Dean Greco for Congress – he supports breakfast.
  • I remember Obama getting a lot of heat for not wearing an American flag pin, but last night I noticed he was wearing one and McCain was not.  It’s such a trivial thing, both men are patriotic and love this country and don’t need a pin to define them.
  • I appreciate Tom Brokaw trying to keep the candidates to their already agreed upon time limits.
  • In searching for BON material, sometimes I find things I wish I can erase from my memory.
  • 14 year old female sumo wrestler.  Link
  • Dog vs Momma Squirrel.  Link
  • Caught on Camera: Man Struck By Lightning.  Link
  • I got a flu shot yesterday.  The flu shot is always a tiresome debate in teh office space.
  • Awesome aerial photography.  Link
  • Weird Al information overload.  Link
  • I had a friend in high school that drove a Porsche to school and his father was a state trooper.
  • Sarah Palin, Post Turtle.  Link
  • WifeGeeding thinks we should go as McCain an Palin for Halloween.  She can pull off the Palin look, but I can’t pull off the McCain look.
  • 10 Creepiest Old Ads.  Link
  • Too bad Josiah Bartlett isn’t running for president, he does have a Nobel Prize in economics.
  • I doubt too many people get the Bartlett reference.
  • Swallowing molten gold is not a fun way to die.  Link
  • Maverick-y.
  • The Texas Rangers Baseball Club does better with a Democrat in the White House.  Link
  • Fun with the Electoral College.  Link
  • I think the Electoral College is out dated and leaves me frustrated as a voter.  My vote may count, but it certainly won’t make a difference.
  • Monkey Waiter. YouTube
  • Terrance Newman is made out of glass.
  • Jerry, you need to try to get another WR, Roy Williams would be nice.
  • Martha Stewart eats babies.  YouTube
  • A BON reader is being flown to Dubai by a Middle Eastern king.  Because I personally know this person, I can vouch for the story, and I may have pictures in the next couple of weeks, but as of right now I can’t provide any details.
  • The eyeballing game can get a bit addicting.  Link
  • – National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance
  • Take On Me: Literal Video Version. YouTube
  • As a kid, I thought that was an awesome video.
  • After the debate, I noticed everyone in the audience cad a disposable camera.
  • 7th and last Dharma email.  Link
  • I keep seeing the commercial on ABC for Life on Mars, the new series where the detective is somehow transported 30 years to the past.  There’s a brief scene where there is talk that he doesn’t even have a computer on his desk.  That makes me wonder what kind of technology we will have in our everyday lives in the next 30 years.
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Heyjules says:

    I got the Josiah Bartlett reference! I LOVED that show. Couldn’t get enough of it except when Donna whined to Josh about her love life. I just wanted to scream, “For pete’s sake, kiss her already!!!”

  2. dan says:

    1) The Electoral College map was neat. As you said, if you live in a solid Red or Blue state it seems as if your vote isn’t worth much. Only voters living in the swing states have votes that will matter. I think, if I had time, I could devise an extreme example where a candidate could lose by a popular landslide, but, if they carried enough big electoral states by a single vote, still win the election. Seems wrong. Also the Electoral College map shows the likelihood that Obama will win at 99%. McCain needs to win every single swing state or he loses the election. This election could be Bush-Gore in reverse. If that were to occur the Republicans will scream about the inadequacies of the Electoral College. I’ve also seen maps with the country divided up Red/Blue by counties. The whole country is Red, with just small, densely populated metropolitan areas colored in blue; geographically the country appears to be 95% Red. Its just that most of the Red is sparsely populated.
    2) The aerial photography map made me want to travel; there are so many truly unique and rarely visited places on this planet.
    3) There are some really strange people with lots of time on their hands. To see proof of this view the Martha Stewart video of infants dressed up in Halloween costumes as food. An awful lot of work for a single event during which the infants have absolutely no idea or appreciation of what’s happening.
    4) If the American flag lapel pin situation was reversed; you would be hearing about it all day long on Hate-Talk radio today
    5) I have been getting the post turtle joke for years with all sorts of politicians inserted in the joke. There’s no shelf-life on that old rancher and his rantings about post turtles.
    6) I guess if you don’t have the time or discipline to lose weight it’s just easier to support Fat Acceptance
    7) The WSJ had a story within the last week about Dubai having the same financial problems the rest of the world is having with their financial institutions and real estate development. They are not going bankrupt, but they are having a hard time finding buyers, renters and tourists for all of the expensive projects they have under construction.

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