Presidenting Takes Its Toll

I’ve always been a bit fascinated by how much a president ages from his term in office, the physical toll that is, although I don’t think Reagan showed a lot of age from his span in office.  But to be fair, the first picture was probably done in a studio and touched up a bit whereas the second photo was a random outdoor shot.

[Thanks, Jeff!]

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One Response to Presidenting Takes Its Toll

  1. dan says:

    There is more ego in seeking the presidency than most of us can comprehend. I think of John McCain and the wealth he has and wonder what sort of a physical beating he can expect if elected and his presidency runs for eight years. Given the average life expectancy of an American male, most of his remaining good years will be spent living a grueling schedule; dealing with endless crises; and, if he’s fortunate, being viewed unfavorably by half the population.

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