Mini-Bag of Randomness

  • Good and bad news on the Southwest Airlines Blog-o-spondent contest.  I was told I will not be one of the three traveling to Las Vegas to compete at the blogging convention.  However, because of my affiliation with Southwest, they asked if I would be interested in making videos for them, some of which will involve them sending me to different locations.  So in a way, I won.
  • Truth be told, I really didn’t want to go to Las Vegas.  I’ve been there three times in the last four years, the most recent back in March.  But that blogging convention really did look interesting.
  • I had a manager that kept a Magic 8 Ball on his desk.  I wonder if he ever knew what that communicated to his team in terms of his decisions.
  • I remember walking into the girls dorm one evening in college.  As I walked in two girls walked out with a hammer and a VHS of Silence of the Lamb.  I asked them what were they about to do (I thought I could get a free movie) and they said something to the effect that this sort of sin should not be on our campus and they were going to destroy this movie so it can’t corrupt any other lives.
  • There’s a fun word search you can play on Southwest Airline’s website.  I’m sure the people that worked are that are very very cool.
  • The Paralympic Games in Beijing will conclude soon, it’s a shame they don’t get much attention.  This site has some great pictures, many of which will stay with you.
  • Cowboys win!  What a great way to close out the last ever Monday Night game at Texas Stadium.
  • Roy Williams may have changed numbers, but he still is toast.
  • The next game between these two will be good, but I don’t think as high scoring.
  • I don’t like our chances in Green Bay this Sunday night.
  • DeSean Jackson made one of the dumbest and most selfish plays in the history of football (video below).  I hope all high school and jr high coaches use this an example of what not to do.  However, I was a little shocked at how it was finally ruled, I believe I heard the term “backward pass.”  The only thing is, there’s no such thing as a backward pass in football, it would be a lateral.  Either way, very interesting, and one bone-headed play.

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  1. MamaToots says:

    I think the opportunity to “help” Southwest far outweighs the trip to Las Vegas. Good way to use your unique abilities.

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