Catholic Church says theory of evolution is compatible with the Bible

VATICAN CITY – The Vatican said on Tuesday the theory of evolution was compatible with the Bible but planned no posthumous apology to Charles Darwin for the cold reception it gave him 150 years ago.

Christian churches were long hostile to Darwin because his theory conflicted with the literal biblical account of creation.

Creationism is the belief that God created the world in six days as described in the Bible. The Catholic Church does not read the Genesis account of creation literally, saying it is an allegory for the way God created the world.

Some other Christians, mostly conservative Protestants in the United States, read Genesis literally and object to evolution being taught in biology class in public high schools.

The Catholic Church teaches “theistic evolution,” a stand that accepts evolution as a scientific theory and sees no reason why God could not have used a natural evolutionary process in the forming of the human species.

It objects to using evolution as the basis for an atheist philosophy that denies God’s existence or any divine role in creation. It also objects to using Genesis as a scientific text.

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Who knows, I might just become Catholic.

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2 Responses to Catholic Church says theory of evolution is compatible with the Bible

  1. Paul Clifford says:

    I was listening to TWIT and they pointed out that Spore is a game where you play God in a guided evolution scheme. Interesting.

    I believe the Bible is accurate, but we might not totally understand it.


  2. MamaToots says:

    I agree w/ Paul’s statement about the accuracy of the Bible. We will understand it all “by and by”.

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