Bag of Randomness

  • Only one post today.  It was a birthday weekend and I’m taking an extended holiday break.
  • I can’t remember the last time I really enjoyed a birthday, they usually are horrible, but this past one wasn’t bad.
  • WifeGeeding surprised me on the morning of my birthday with breakfast in bed, a glazed donut and two kolaches (pigs in the blanket for us small town Texan folk).
  • After breakfast WifeGeeding gave me a Wii Fit.
  • The Wii Fit does a whole body analyzing thing and calculates your BMI.  WifeGeeding’s was normal, and her Mii character did a nice little cheer.  After the Wii analzyed me it determined I was obese per my BMI, and it changed my Mii’s appearance to be more chubby and it was left shaking its head in disappointment.
  • The Wii recognized my birthday.
  • Surprisingly, you can get a pretty decent workout and get a decent sweat going on from a Wii Fit workout, and I like how it tracks your daily progress, even the workouts you do outside from the unit.
  • Most of my close friends were nice enough to remember my birthday.  However, there’s one or two I think only remember it because of modern technolgy.  I’m not trying to knock them, but I think it’s true and hey, do what you gotta do and knowing they care enough to contact me on that day is a blessing itself no matter how they remembered.
  • There’s one friend whose birthday I always remember, but he has never remembered mine, and I have to admit it hurts my feelings.
  • Birthdays are different when you have no living parents.
  • WifeGeeding and I ate lunch at Abuelo’s for my birthday.  My half-Asian tongue is developing an appreciation for Mexican food as of late, and this was my first time in an Abuelo’s in years.  In terms of quality, it’s some of the best Mexican food around, not to mention, the atmosphere was splendit.
  • Speaking of atmosphere, WifeGeeding and I debated over this painting for about ten minutes until the waiter came by and ruled in my favor.  In the lower right hand corner, we were trying to identify what kind of animal that person was sitting on.

    I correctly guessed it was an elephant, WifeGeeding thought it was a donkey.  I told her that I knew she only had one eye, but if she really thought that was a donkey then I was no longer going to let her get behind a steering wheel.  In short, we found out the painting symbolizes knowledge.  The old man is funneling his knowledge and of course the books and elephant are supporting symbols of the theme.  I thought that was kind of deep for a painting haning in a Mexican restaurant, but it turns out you can go to the Abuelo’s website and read up on their artwork.
  • Other than some restaurant in Disney World, Abuelo’s has the best sangria.
  • I don’t normally drink mainly because I don’t like the taste of alcohol.  I also think I may be alergic to alcohol as I feel flushed right after a drink and there’s (TMI Alert) a slight burning sensation when I urinate.
  • One last thing about Abuelo’s, our waiter placed some paper drink napkins on our table then sprinkled salt on top of them so they napkins wouldn’t stick to our drinks.  That’s the first time I’ve ever seen such a thing.
  • Baskin-Robbins ice-cream cake is the bomb.  The secret is to make sure it’s thawed.
  • As a kid, I remember my parents teaching me to call all adults Mr, Ms. or Mrs something-or-another as a form of respect.  But in today’s world, I do not know of any parents that tell their kids to do the same.  I just turned 33 over the weekend, all my friend’s kids call me Keith.  I have never been called Mr. Geeding, and I would have to admit that would feel a bit weird at first.  However, I did run into one of my former students coming out of an IHOP once and she introduced me to her kids as Professor Geeding.  That was comical.
  • “God’s grace is sufficient to give us what we need. We just have to remember to ask for it.”  That quote comes from a friend’s grandmother.  That friend doesn’t post often enough on her blog.
  • I’ve always liked McCain, I really wish he would have won his party’s nomination back in 2000; but I was absolutely shocked by his VP pick.  If there was a part of me that considered voting for him before, that’s done now with his VP pick.  From mayor of a town of less than 7,000 to a first term governor who hasn’t even completed two years doesn’t give me the confidence that she can be an effective president should McCain be elected and then something unfortunate happens to him.  It’s kinda like someone going from the mailroom to CEO in six years.  I also don’t think McCain will be alive for the next 8 years if elected.  It all kind of reminds of the short lived Geana Davis drama on ABC called Commander in Chief.
  • I’ve only found one picture of Palin with her hair let down, but I also found a YouTube video of her on Craig Ferguson with it let down as she was doing some schtick.
  • Speaking of Palin on YouTube, here’s a clip of her as a sports caster.
  • In case she doens’t know the duties of a VP, McCain has it all summed up.
  • We watched a lot of movies this weekend [I Now Pronouce You Chuck and Larry, 27 Dresses (not by choice), Beowulf (love the story, but feel mixed about the move version), and Juno (didn’t live up to the hype)].  But here’s a bit of irony.  Right after we watched Juno the first thing we saw on TV was the news that Palin’s 17 year old daughter is pregnant.
  • Speaking of Palin and Juno:

    It’s all a little too weird that Palin is governor of Alaska and the title character of that teen-age pregnancy movie is Juno.
  • I now Mccain’s camp said he knew of this before he picked his running mate but I’m not buying it.  I have a feeling Palin found out after she was picked, why else would she want to submit her daughter to so much attention?
  • The Palin daughter news made me think of Obama’s stance of focusing on the number of unwanted pregnancies.
  • She sure does have a lot on her plate – running for VP, newborn with down syndrome, son about to be deployed to Iraq, and now her daughter is preggers.
  • Hopefully Tina Fey will make a guest appearance on SNL and do a Palin impersonation.
  • I remember when our local news use to attend the conventions, but I guess they no longer do so due to budget cuts and all the exposure on other cable channels.
  • Fans of Aggie football must not be too happy with their new coach’s first game losing at home to a “nobody university.”
  • What’s up with Michigan losing two straight season openers?  As i said before, Baylor should schedule them on opening day for a guaranteed win.
  • It’s great being able to chill at home with my little fur children.
  • I haven’t been getting much sleep with the Olympics and then the political conventions, not to mention the Daily Show’s coverage.
  • I remember when our NBC affiliate use to show the opening of the MDA Telethon.  I use to watch the opening every year because I always wondered it it would be Jerry’s last.  The channel guide tells me that our NBC affiliate only starts to broadcast it at 5:00 AM, and it no longer runs all day.
  • I’ve tried researching this, but I always wondered why did Jerry Lewis champion this cause.
  • I’m watching an episode of Dirty Jobs and all of a sudden a very uncomfortable tampon commercial comes on.  I thought that show appealed to guys and would have thought that advertisers would have tried to appeal to that particular target market.
  • I made mention a while back that someone was cyber-squatting on, and because of that post I get a lot of traffic from time to time.  But I just found out that Tony has his own website and lot of it is under construction:
  • Grace
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14 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Happy Birthday! And good luck with the WiiFit. My wife and I have had one for a bit now (I’m on my 50th day today!) and I continue to be embarrassed when it tells me my weight and it says, almost sounding annoyed, “That’s overweight!” I’m slowly inching to the normal level myself. Keep at it. The exercises and games are worth it. You’re right though, I get a better workout than I expected to!

  2. Rev. Hart says:

    It was your birthday? How did I miss that!? Happy birthday.

  3. Allyson says:

    Happy Birthday, Geeding! I ought to bring you over some whiskey in a brown paper bag, just for old time’s sake. My kids–and all other kids I know–call adults by their first name, i.e. “Mr. Keith”. My 2-year-old calls me “Ms. Allyson” half the time because he hears other kids say it. Kids these days…..:)

  4. Tammy says:

    It sounds like you had a great birthday. Happy Belated Birthday!!

  5. Doug says:

    Hope you have a great extended weekend. Call me boring but I enjoyed keeping track of Gustav all Monday.

    Based on this post I’m thinking about looking into the Wii and the WiiFit. I’ve been slouching lately.

  6. sistergeeding says:

    you’re not allergic to alcohol… it’s the asian in you… all asian people flush/are bright red after drinking a few sips of anything alcoholic…but i’m not so sure about the burning sensation…maybe the sangria gave you gonorrhea?

    p.s. I can’t believe you like McCain… He’s a cranky old man who, if left to his own devices, would probably cut ties with Vietnam for personal reasons..aka, no more visiting the parents overseas. Mom is Vietnamese you know… she knew of McCain… not fond of him.

    p.s.s. His last name makes me think of Cain and Abel.

  7. Nevets says:

    Happy Birthday “MR” Geeding!

  8. haymoose says:

    Professor Geeding,

    I do not normally post any polical opinions but you started it!

    Do you not know the GOP knows they will can’t win, thus the unelectable McCain and his surely unelectable VP choice? Come on; after the last 8 years even my wife is voting for Obama & she is from NH! I do not agree with all of Obama’s views but I think the “change” movement has far too much momentum to be reversed at this point and part of me thinks the GOP may know this. What kind of political move is it to choose a woman, even that woman anyway? I like the Juno reference.

    If we learn from history, the outcome of the election will be settled by a judge somewhere due to the politics of the day. I doubt McCain is the type to contest a close election, he seems to me to be the type that would know that is not best for the country right now. I find it off-putting that Al Gore is such an authority on Global Warming and yet I have not seen him driving around in an electric/hibrid car. Just as with all politicians it is “do as I say, not as I do.”

    I am grateful to have been born in the US and I am more grateful for the election process (it beats that of Cuba, Iran and Venezuela to name a few) and the fact “anyone” can be elected however just as last time it is the lesser of two evils again. Who to choose? I am glad to have that choice. I will be voting for Obama. It may be for all the wrong reasons but I as amny others am tired of the old white guys in office. He cannot do much worse. My main concern about Biden is his position on Net Neutrality. At least he has a record to be concerned over. Palin has little to review and what has come up is not flattering. If something were to happen which caused her to be presidant, I do not think it is a good thing.

    What do I know, I am just a red neck from NC.

  9. Christie says:

    happy birthday!

    how lucky you got the wii fit. i cant find one anywhere here in OK.

  10. Ashley says:

    Happy belated birthday! I’m bad about remembering birthdays. I still struggle with correctly remembering my 5-y-o’s birthdate. :oP

    The Wii Fit sounds like something I need to try. I workout at a gym once a week, but I can’t seem to get moving at home. Maybe that would motivate me… I’m looking forward to hearing more of your WiiFit progress.

    Most of the kids I know address adults as Mr./Mrs./Ms. whoever, but it’s usually by last name. I grew up calling adults Mr./Mrs./Ms. by their first names. I find the last name thing incredibly formal, but most of our friends are seminary families from other parts of the country (I was born and raised in Louisiana) wouldn’t dream of their kids using our first names. It’s hard for me to remember to have my kids refer to them by their last names. What’s with all the formality?

  11. RY says:

    I have truely tried to seperate my disappointment in our choices for, aguably, the most powerful political position in the world. Though I usually vote to the right of center, I have not been proud of the right’s use of insinuation that because of his middle name, Obama will immediately sell us out to Islamic radicals or that there are damaging videos of his wife’s dislike of the white race. I have been impressed that the Democratic Party has been the one to take the high road. That is until the immediate attack that began the moment McCain announced his choice for VP. The first jab was the lack of experience, which I would have thought would have been the last point Obama would have wanted brought up. Obama is asking us to accept his ability on a 2 year record in the US Senate, not even an executive position like that of governor. Also the attack on Palin’s gender coming from the party that claims to be the most sympathetic to women’s issues confuses me. And now the attack on her 17 year old daughter for a “choice” she has made is the final act of what appears to be desperation. If Obama’s daughter had been 17 years old and had made the”choice” not to be punished by her poor “choice”, I would be equally disappointed in any attempt by the Republican Party to milk that for votes. I do appreciate Mr Obama’s call for “hands off”, but we are not naive enough to believe that he isn’t aware of an army of hatchetmen that are capable of doing the dirty work for his sake. Ultimately, as a working American, with teenage children, and coming from a small town, I can’t help identifying with Sarah Palin more than any of the other men involved who would do or say anything to be President. I guess that is why I have taken Ms. Palin’s plight as a personal attack. Once more, the Democratic party, the defender of the common man has failed to represent me.

  12. Muser says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Keith!
    I agree that it hurts when a good friend doesn’t remember your birthday when you always remember theirs. That stinks :(. I loved the Juno reference, by the way!

    I hate to say it, but I couldn’t help but think that the tampon commercial that you saw during an epidose of Dirty Jobs was pretty ironic, considering that tampons themselves have a pretty dirty job.

    My husband and I are having a baby soon (hopefully this week, our due date is Saturday!) and I can tell you that we are definitely going to make sure she addresses adults as “Mr.” and “Mrs.” I think it shows a lack of respect for kids to call adults by their first names. That’s just my opinion, though.

    Again, happy birthday!

  13. dan says:

    1) Sarah Palin’s voice reminds me of a Sue Scott character on Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion radio show 2) I read today that McCain has sent a team to Alaska to do further vetting of Palin?…this reinforces McCain’s reputation of being temperamental and acting rashly. 3) Rush Limbaugh is championing her choice by saying “We’ve got the babe on our ticket” 4) Fox News is arguing Palin has international diplomacy experience by pointing out that Alaska is near Russia…huh? 5) For years I used to purchase a birthday cake every month and bring it to work to celebrate the birthdays of any of my employees born in that month. Several employees didn’t appreciate that I wanted to celebrate their birthdays. They didn’t want to celebrate at all and didn’t want anyone to know about their birthday. All of the ones who didn’t like the practice were male. 5) I always get depressed when the Olympics are over. I enjoy all of it although this year I didn’t think the coverage of the track and field was as good as years past. They only gave a few minutes coverage to some of the events. 6) Your friends’ kids should call you “Mr.” To address you by your first name makes you equal to them and you are not equal to them.

  14. jonathan says:

    I’m putting your birthday in my calendar right now! Deal with it!

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