Obama vs. Chandler, Arizona

I noticed a striking similarity between Obama’s campaign logo and the official seal of the city of Chandler Arizona. I have lived in Chandler for all of my 24 years and I can attest to the fact that the city’s logo has been exactly the same for as long as I can remember.

I’m not suggesting that the Obama camp stole the design idea (though I’m not ruling it out), but I wonder how and why the logos both ended up looking almost completely similar. Notice the color placement. Red & White stripes at the bottom (Obama logo: Stripes of the flag. Chandler logo: Irrigation in farming fields). A circular blue band creating the letters ‘O’ or ‘C’ at the top.

City of Chandler website: www.chandleraz.gov/

tenminuteparty’s Flickr page

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One Response to Obama vs. Chandler, Arizona

  1. You beat me to it by several months!!

    I just noticed the similarity last week when I was driving around and saw the logo on a street sign.

    this is why I didn’t want to major in graphic design in college…because no matter how hard you try to be original, someone out there has probably already done it.

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