Here’s the Olympic moment that made me tear up

There’s no YouTube video of the moment since NBC is yanking them from the website, but here’s the very touching article and a tribute video.  Too bad I can’t find the Bob Costas piece on this.

When super-heavyweight lifter Matthias Steiner won his first Olympic gold medal, he kissed a photo of the woman he had buried in her wedding dress last year.

The hulking German’s tale of love and loss has moved millions of viewers around the world, and the image of Steiner holding up the photo of Susann, who died after a car crash, was splashed across German websites on Wednesday.

“The first thing I’ll do when I get home is visit her grave,” German media quoted the 25-year-old Steiner as saying. “I’m never able to stay around her grave for long because it hurts so much. Susann was and is my great love.”

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  1. Chan Ka Man says:

    what a tearful story !

    here is the vedio link :

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