Halleluhaj in Southwest Airlines ad offends listener

Q: An ad of Southwest Airlines on a local radio station plays an excerpt from the Hallelujah chorus of Handel’s Messiah. It is a universal fact that the Hallelujah chorus exalts Jesus Christ as the King of Kings. Therefore, as a Christian, I find its use in an ad to be extremely offensive … Can you please give me the address of Southwest Airlines to which I can write to express my protest. – Beth

A: The address is Southwest Airlines, Box 36647-1CR, Dallas TX 75235-1647. Or you can call 1-800-435-9792 or (214) 792-4223.

Here’s a little background info on Southwest: The airline started more than 37 years ago. It has more than 500 aircrafts and is one of the youngest fleets in the nation. Today, Southwest Airlines flies more than 104 million passengers a year to 64 cities all across the country more than 3,400 times a day.


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