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  • I still need your vote to be the next Southwest Airlines blog-o-spondent.  Vote here and feel free to spread the word.
  • I had trouble making that video b/c my fairly new PC won’t recognize an external mic, it turns out it’s a known Vista issue.  I’m sure that will fire up the Mac community telling me I should have bought a Mac, but it seems all my friends that are Mac users spend a lot of time at the Apple store getting their Mac fixed.
  • There’s been a lot of drama at my church about them allowing a woman to lead or preach a sermon.  Read more about the drama here.  They spend a lot of time researching the role of women in the ministry, you can read about that here.  I love my church and should attend service more regularly.
  • Speaking of church, here’s an article on Joe Biden’s church.
  • Here is a very tough read.  A young woman is chronicling her abortion.  Reader discretion is highly advised.
  • My cube mate found his wife by an arranged marriage.  That was an interesting and fascinating discussion.
  • A new WhichWich opened in my neighborhood.  FYI – They have great shakes.
  • Remember when I mentioned that my Olympian friend had some stories to tell about the Olympic village and what goes on after the athletes compete?  The Times has an article about it, once again, reader discretion is advised.
  • There’s a student at WifeGeeding’s school who goes by the name Jedi b/c his initials are JDI.
  • One of my coworkers grew up on military bases all around the world.  When you watch a movie at a base theater, the national anthem is played before the showing.  She told me the first time she went to a non-base theater she stood up at the point where she expected the anthem to be played and when it wasn’t played she was left in disbelief.  She also felt a little embarrassed as she was the only one standing up at the time.
  • Grace
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  1. Brett says:

    Why in the world would there need to be a debate about a woman preaching?

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