Bag of Randomness

  • Some of you were kind enough to inform me that BON was loading extremely slow.  Turns out that the Statisfy code I was using was causing the slowness.  Since I’ve removed the code, BON appears to be loading much faster.
  • Yup, you heard correctly, that was my letter that they read on the air Friday morning on The Ticket.
  • I care way too much of what other people think.
  • Friday after work I decided to visit my father’s grave at the Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery.  I remember when we first had my father moved out there when it opened back in 2000 and how few graves were actually out there – after all, it was a new cemetery.  An old veteran who volunteered out there that helped me with some paperwork told me that I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the beauty of that cemetery until I’m a senior when it starts to look a bit more filled up.  Well, on Friday I noticed at the visitor center that there were a total of 15 funerals that day, and there are now over 23,000 internments.  It was also sad to see a headstone that had a DOB of 1986.
  • Friday morning I made sure to watch our mens basketball team take on those jerks from Spain.  I was hoping the Spaniards would get a couple of black eyes to be honest with you.  Oh, and it looks like the Spanish Tennis team is also participating.
  • I’ve been watching the Road to Redemption series on this basketball team and find it very inspiring.  Coach K is amazing, I think I would like to read one of his books.
  • I find it interesting how as Americans we feel that basketball is our sport and we should win the gold everytime but we don’t really care what goes on with baseball which is considered our national pastime.
  • WifeGeeding and I actually attended a party on Saturday afternoon thrown by one of my coworkers.  We hardly ever go to parties.   We are working on not being social introverts.
  • I can’t believe she drives from Allen to Love Field everyday.
  • At the party we were talking with some of my coworkers and their spouses that are from India about their babies.  They said they never cut the baby’s hair until 11 months, then the head is shaved and the clippings are given to their local temple.  This was the first I heard of such a thing.  I felt a bit more cultured and enlightened.
  • On Saturday night I watched the Cowboys preseason game and played Madden at a friend’s house.  I stayed there until about 1:30 AM.  I don’t think I’ve done something like that in about six years.  Of course on the way home I had to stop at Whataburger for some taquitos.  The person that took my order was the happiest person on this planet.  I asked how he was doing, and he told me with a ginormous smile that was doing very well, that we are only given one life, and he’s going to make the best of it.  It’s amazing how I can find so much to gripe about everyday and here is a man working at Whataburger during the graveyard shift but was full of joy.
  • Southlake has given me another reason to dislike their perfect little upscale community, they now serve sushi at football games.
  • On Sunday WifeGeeding and I ate at a new sandwich place.  A mother and her two young teenage daughters walked in wearing shirts with this picture on front and the back saying “Phelps Phan.”  It just seemed a bit weird.
  • Isn’t amazing how certain people like Phelps has found their nitch in life?  What if as a child he was addicted to video games, or just loved reading or making model cars, or decided to play volleyball or basketball instead of swimming everyday?
  • I was getting a little Phelps burn-out, but he has certainly earned my respect (not that he needed to) by those close finishes.  He certainly earned all those gold medals.  Here’s a great frame-by-frame photo finish from Sports Illustrated.  Below are just two of the eight pictures.  Pulitzer prize?
  • It was cool that the Baltimore Ravens put his last meet on the jumbo-tron at the stadium during their preseason football game, well, it was actually after the game, but still pretty cool.  It was also pretty cool to see the crowd cheer their hometown boy.
  • It appears the more smack that is talked about Phelps and the more he hears about it, the more he does to overcome the opposition.  I hope Osama Bin Laden starts to trash talk Phelps.
  • The Bob Costas interview with Phelps on Sunday night was interesting, as we got to see Phelps’ reaction to the first time he saw the races on tape.  It was great to see his natural reaction when he saw the pictures above for the very first time.
  • Costas later brought in Phelps’ mother, who was starting to get on my nerves, but when I found out she’s a principal and heading back on a plane to be there for her school, my opinion about her changed.
  • Phelps also talked that he was checking his FaceBook while in Beijing and found it funny that some of the guys that were bullying him back in the day are dropping him a line.
  • I was a little surprised at the 100 meter dash.  Bolt not only broke his own world record, but did it with one of his shoes untied and celebrating before he finished his race.  You would think he could wait another second longer to celebrate in order to get a better world record.
  • I love watching the marathon at the Olympics.  First of all, you get to see the beauty of the host city.  And then I just try to imagine what it must be like to run such a long distance, see the Olympic stadium, run into the stadium onto the track in front of over 90,000 fans cheering you on as you finish either the longest or shortest 400 meters of your life.  Amazing.
  • This Calvin and Hobbs cartoon made me sad.
  • I wasn’t aware the King James Version of the Bible mentions a unicorn.
  • It annoys me when I hear a sports team name followed by the word “nation.”
  • I’m wearing a mustache right now just to annoy my wife.  Just call me Magnum.
  • Grace.
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Melissa says:

    Your comment about the olympic marathon reminded me of a cross country race my freshman year of high school. I was sick and had no business being anywhere but bed (or the couch watching Sat Morning Cartoons!) however I insisted that I *had* to run in the cross country meet. I was not going to let myself, my sister (I had promised her the season before – her senior year, that I would take her place on the team) or my team mates down…

    So I “ran”. Mostly it was walking, stopping, coughing up a lung (I must have gone through about 50-60 lungs per mile (LPM?)) and arguing. My parents had met me halfway through the course at the hour mark, asking me to DQ myself by stepping off the track, taking their hands/getting their help, and just going home and resting. I told them no. I insisted on finishing.

    The last part of our course was a lap and a half around the school’s track. The stadium was filled with our Champion callibur football team’s fans, the track was cluttered with pom pons & cheerleaders…They all moved out of the way, stopped the game, and cheered me to my finish. It took almost 2 hours for me to finish that race, but I did it. It was probably one of the most satisfying moments of my life at the time.

  2. dan says:

    1) I’m really enjoying the Olympic boxing segments even though this is one of the poorest showings ever for the American Boxing Team. Hard to tell if the world is getting better or if America just doesn’t turn out great fighters anymore. 2) I watched the Women’s Marathon from beginning to end because I couldn’t look away. The Romanian woman who won the gold was running so fast and with such a long stride, it almost looked like she was running down a steep hill. She was 38 years old and had a teenage son. She pulled away from the others and kept up a relentless pace for the last hour of the race. When some of the later runners entered the Bird’s Nest, bodies in agony, the winner was still jogging around the outside of the track waving the Romanian flag. 3) What would be worse: prepare for four years and run a grueling marathon only to come in fourth, just missing a medal by seconds or coming in last? 4) I thought the same thing about Bolt—He smashed the record even though he pulled up to celebrate five meters before the finish line. 5) What are they doing in Jamaica to come up with these armies of sprinters? 6) Do little countries really have much to celebrate when they hire athletes from other countries to represent them?

  3. Anne Elk, Miss says:

    Perhaps the neatest thing I have read about Michael Phelps was here:

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