A relative of Hitler is now Jewish and living in Israel

Two years ago I read a strange little story in an obscure American magazine for Orthodox Jews, claiming that a descendant of Adolf Hitler had converted to Judaism and was living in Israel. I had heard rumours in Jewish circles for years about “the penitents” – children of Nazis who become Jews to try to expiate the sins of their fathers. Could it be true? I dug further and discovered that a man with a family connection to Hitler does indeed live in Israel as an Orthodox Jew. Virtually unnoticed in the English-speaking world, he was exposed seven years ago in an Israeli tabloid. Then he sank from sight. I went to Israel to meet him – and on the way I was plunged into the strange subculture of the Nazi-descended Jews.


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  1. dan says:

    I always find it interesting to read how the Germans as a nation and a culture deal with their actions during World War II…should they dwell on their guilt or ignore it?

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