Wrong Roof

I can’t find the article online, but last night WFAA had a report about a roofing mixup in Lewisville.  Basically, a roofing company removed the roof of the wrong house all because they were off by one digit of the house number.  I think the house that actually needed a new roof was next door.

But here’s the part that got me.  The roofing company said they will put a new roof on the mistaken house, for a price.  The homeowner is upset and thinks she should get a new roof for free.  The roofing company says she’s being unresonable.  Not that it matters, but I side with the homeowner.

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5 Responses to Wrong Roof

  1. Melissa says:

    oh yeah…the roof should be free…i think it is rather obvious (of course i don’t own the roofing company…lol)

  2. Shawn Wilson says:

    For a price? LOL……I’m sure she will gladly pay a lawyer a little of the settlement fee she will get when she sues…….For a price……I would punch the owner in the face for that comment. LOL

  3. Starr says:

    Crazy. Why doesn’t the roofing company just start ripping off roofs at random? If they make the homeowners pay for their mistakes it could be quite lucrative for them.

  4. Rob says:

    her insurance paid her already so they should be able to sue the roofing company with ease.

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